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A new Twist on picking a Car at the Autoshow

Monday, March 02, 2015 Tariq Al saud

The Chicago Auto Show is held annually in February at Chicago's McCormick Place convention complex. It is the largest auto show in North America. All of us need our own test of cars. There’s so much to cover with over 1 million square feet of the McCormick Place complex loaded with all things automotive. One has to plot carefully to get the most at Chicago Auto Show or one runs out of time quickly as there is so much to see. But everyone has different requirements for a car and performance needs.

How does one pick out a car? Will we love it when we take it off the showroom floor or be feeling buyers remorse? It all gets so confusing especially if one isn't truly "into" cars. We have you covered. Depending on your personality your star signs, picking a car has never been easier. Think we're kidding? We went to the Chicago Autoshow with just that thought: which car works best for your astrological sign. So take a look and give a shout out if you agree.


There's only one vehicle for the Ram: a sports car — and the faster, the better. No, not a RAM truck, sorry. A Corvette may be their dream car, but as long as it moves — really moves — any option will do just fine. The personality of Aries based on a high energy, quick reactions, aggressive, ambition and generosity.  Aries people also like to travel and the faster the better. Beside the Corvette, Ford Mustang is cool too and offers a back seat should they need to have their entourage. Suggested colors: Red, Orange and Yellow.


Much like the Ram Truck, just because they happen to have a car named after them doesn't necessarily mean they'll want to drive it. The Ford Taurus is not the car for those that fall under the sign of Taurus. Taurus people are venerable money magnets, so they may not be driving yourself at all. In that case, they'll  will need a car that your driver likes it. So what cars can be made into an effective limo? The Mercedes-Maybach Pullman of course. if they will like to drive sometimes, a Lincoln MKS will be great for their personality and offers a smooth ride. They will require to valet as it will not be easy to park. Suggested colors: Blue, Navy or Grey.


Gemini people are famous for its fondness for movement and total lack of patience with traffic. The vehicle must be fast, able to negotiate quick turns but tough enough to handle shortcuts. They like to communicate with people and also you have a practical personality. Big cars are important to they since they always give their friends a ride. Toyota and Buick are great to your personality. Surprised by the Buick? It's totally dependable and totally practical. Suggested colors: Black, Dark blue or Olive.


When we mention Cancer, we know that we are talking about a big family guy. So even if they're not attached, while eyeing prospects and helping out a best friend. They'll think first of what it is able to do for you — so that they'll be able to do more for those they love. Family, friends and a lot of home stuff? It must be able to haul lots of stuff from HomeDepot. The best choice will be the four-wheeled car or a van. Then they see the Jeep and they will fall in love. It hits the requirements and if fun for everyone. Suggested colors: Sky blue,  Silver grey and White.


It's no secret that Leo the lion has always been associated with royalty, which in turn has always been associated with gold and diamonds.  While they're likely to be seen driving a respectable ride like a BMW or Audi, they are a travel person too. Beside the BMW and the Audi, the top of the line Range Rover will be great option with every possible accessories under the sun. It also says family car for carrying the cubs around. Suggested colors: Gold, Orange and Maroon. Yes - we are talking custom paint job.


They open the door with urgency and invite us to have a seat. Once they're behind the wheel, that's usually that assessment before starting. Take, for example, work. They sit at their desk and take assessment of the pencil box or where the mouse is. When shopping for a vehicle, they start investigating the vehicle online, considering its reliability, gas mileage, average, resale value, etc. Usually, the winner is something similar to a Toyota Camry or Subaru. The key words are resilience, reliability and longevity. And that is it in a nutshell. Suggested colors: Light Brown or Grey. It is unassuming and hide dirt.


Attention all Librans: Venus — the Goddess of Beauty, is your patron planet. "Attractive" absolutely must be among top five qualities when looking for in a vehicle. They are also big on partnerships, so two-seaters have an edge. They are likely be most satisfied with bushy comfort: a Cadillacs coupe or hatchback fully equipped with reclining seats and, of course, built-in holders for everything from cell phones to Starbucks. Suggested colors: Sky blue, Navy Blue and Blue. Blue, Blue and Blue.


The dream vehicle is something along the lines of either the Batmobile or a James Bond prowler. Scorpio's personality is based on doubt, mystery and seduction. Your option are an Austin Martin, a vintage Bentley or perhaps the new Alpha Romero Spider, Maserati or a McLaren. The Spider is back and the Quattroporte GTS has been restyled. Both are easier to get parts as they are both being distributed by Fiat Chrysler so maintenance is easier when you have that fender bender running from Goldfinger. The color is black  for the interior. Suggested colors : Black, Navy or Blood red.


The question here is about not about what you want, but what you need. A large (very large) back end — perhaps a third of the vehicle, for your equally large dog(s), horse trailer or bike rack. Basically, a converted school bus or motor home would be best. The Partridge Family bus is already sold. Failing that, your best option is a four-wheel drive or a Ford truck. Ford trucks have ample styling and they don't make you feel like you are riding in a truck. It has the hauling space and towing power. Suggested color: Red or Orange. No Yellow, you will be hounded with flocks of kids chasing after you.


It's a Saturn.  Besides being their ruling planet, it is fairly priced for their frugal little hearts. This vehicle is perfect for the capricorn. The fondness for quality extends to antique cars (like the '57 Chevy) or anything that retains its value longer than most. But this new vehicle can't be showy, flashy or extravagant. Quality comes first with price right behind as the priorities for the purchase. Suggested colors: Sky blue, Chocolate or Black.


They make it their business to ensure that social faux pas and mistakes don't happen on their watch. From the way they act, the clothes they wear, to the vehicle they drive. That means they've discovered the wonder of a hybrid. Regardless of what vehicle is selected, it's a given they'll plaster it with bumper stickers so their need for big advertising space on the back end is essential. Full tech accessories are so important too. Suggested colors: Green, Sand and Aubergine.


They like the look of a luxury car, but not for the sake of being spoiled. They love to dream, so the more beautiful, fanciful and special the vehicle, the better. If it makes them feel like a star, they'll spend whatever it takes to make it their own. It's about how they feel in the moment of driving and how it make them look forward to the future. Porsche. The Porsche models released seem to all come in hatchbacks so they can be packed with lots of luggage and carry loads of dreams. Suggested colors: Grey, Pale Blue/Silver and White.

Written by Tareq Al Saud for HalfStack

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