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Friday, February 06, 2015 Tariq Al saud

The letters of the alphabet have a hidden power or energy. A lot of people around the world don't know about it and it remains a mystery. One may ask themselves many times: why am I one may have many more attitudes or responses than you might have guessed. Beside the horoscopes, numbers and colors, letters of a name can affect personality too. Letters, like colors, have energy much like words. Words spoken can change the energy of our day and outlook. Let’s examine the energy within letters.

Some peoples' names begin with letter that can negatively or positively affects their personality. The more one knows about a letters' energy, the more one can understand and know one’s self more. The first letter of a name reveals your character. Here are the characters depending on the first letter of a name from A to Z:

A:  Sometimes this personality trait goes directly to the degree of viciousness and aggressive in proving a point of view. It is the commanding first letter thus the energy wants to prove a presence in the whole world. This personality is characterized by good and original ideas and also has a loud and enthusiastic ambition. He or she loves motion and movement and usually dislikes quiet energy and sedentary energy.

B: The passion letter. This personality tends to be introverted, shy, and sensitive. He or she usually gravitates to beauty and art. Their personality feels the need to encourage or draw others to him or her. They are very cooperative and tend to avoid hesitation.

C: This person expresses themselves well. She or he likes to draw attention and conversely give attention to others. They can be tense, unstable or needing to love and be loved. This person can write profusely and can be an excellent author depending on his/her creative bent.

D: This person is practical and structural. They work towards serious endeavors to achieve what they want in life. His/her thinking may be a bit firm to the degree of complexity or convolution. Their character likes to be familiar a daily routine life.

E: This personality has the ability to adjustment to his/her world around them. This person is most comfortable and excited when in love or traveling as they can adjust to ambiguity. They have the ability to connect the different lines around them. They possess a bright, vibrant and high-energy personality. Communication is so important. This character jumps from one thing to another to avoid boredom.

F: This person feels the need for harmony in life. She or he is not the most stable of characters and gravitates to contradiction for the fun of it. They are not always practical characters, but can be amazingly creative and have many close and personal friendships. They are attracted to a variety of the sounds. "F" in the first name means friendship, fun and fabulous.

G: These characters have the wonderful ability to communicate well with others. They live with creativity in their core, but it may sometimes fail to show. He/she is works very hard to believe in their creativity and focus on the spiritual aspects that live in their lives. They require more solitude than most.

H: These people possess a strong sense of physicality. They enjoy the climb of a challenge until they reach their desires. They use a lot of methodology and structure when adjusting their financial affairs. They are very economically minded thinker. Although they are socially successful, they struggle to adapt to any change and have a fear of the spiritual realm.

I: Emotional autonomous, this is the letter I. They are singular focused and minded. They are sure of themselves and know what they want. He/she hates to intervene in conflict. This personality has a sense of romantic around them. They are quick to understand the sensitivity and admiration of others. They have a sense of humor. They are encouraged by idealism although their reactions can sometimes be emotionally driven and also perfectly impractical.

J: Despite their command of staff and position, these people need to be cradled inside.  They have the ability to move here and there and adjust quickly but= feel the need to be of supported as they go along. They are comfortable and understand their abilities and require comfortable working environment. They typically are ambitious and are motivated by their ambitions. They carefully balance their thoughts and reasons on matters that deal with emotion.

K: The people of this letter’s character possess the gift to suggest to others all the ideas that are interested in. They are great collaborators, but their idealism can scare others and creates obstructions to cooperation. Always wanted to be the first, they sometimes create an atmosphere of tension for the people around them. They can be an inspirational however to those around them.

L: Ownership of self, sexy, attractive, and a heart brimming with love. He/she is a person who is high expressive but, in reality, not serious. They can be fun and take life easily but turn into a fierce critic giving feedback. They may not seem stable, but are in fact quite stable and confidence. They like to plan or have a plan for everything in their life. They have a full and good social life and are popular at parties and social occasions.

M: This letter is the symbol of the utmost seriousness but have a desire for love and excitement when time allows. Despite the seriousness of their temperament, they have a very deliberate mood or air about them. They rarely take risk their own interests and try as much as possible not to lose. They are governed by the amount of commitment is required and how much focus is intended. Integrity and ethics are highly important.

N: This guy enjoys the changes in his life as long as there is a balance of fun along side. Sensitive and instinctive, they like to be informed about others and do not prefer to be alone. They are prone to name drop or align themselves with people of a higher status. They help and feel happy in supporting others and believe in social interdependence. They are prone replicate their mistakes but are loved deeply despite their flaws.

O: The letter “O” is focused and dazzling. These people are economic and able to show themselves and garnish the attention of the other. They are fast changing and able to adapt to any circumstance when times are difficult. They are passionately expressive and possess a good measure of faith in spirituality.

P: Very intelligent people have the letter “P”. They encourage thoughtfulness of all things in life as they walk through live. This is because the amount of surprises that occur in their lives. They do not prevent the hearing of opinions but revel in it. They do get upset when conversations end in massive intervention. They encourage self-knowledge and culture.

Q: This character normally adds unusual flavor in life as well a lot of economic and sound thinking. They have many ways to cope with life and are good in the field of entrepreneurship.  They are committed and not upset by the mistakes along the way as they view them as something that can be repaired. This personality revels in freedom and tries to live life free of restriction.

R: Strong in character and possessing a great deal of humanity. They are achievers and possess a life with larger amounts materialist wealth and economic independence. Their fortunes may not always appear because of a large tendency to help others. This person cause usually be a good designer.

S: This character struggles with success and failure in life. Their life has many kinks, and is in desperate need to defend an important social network to affirm their self-confidence. They are individuals that encourage ambition in themselves and in others, but it does not always feel safe in risk taking. There is a character that has a highly evolving a spirit that can lead to leadership roles, play the role of a confidant to a leader. They are highly ambitious.

T: This is the character that is all about holistic love and has a great deal of the spiritual fire in friendships. They can be a bit nervous in character or feels tired/tense in atmospheres of competition. The plurality/objectivity of view of a creation leads them to play the role of the support and not a leader or decision maker. They have the ability to deliver volumes of information. They are strong in their passion and love in life. They encourage confidence in the deal when negotiating and encourage positive decisions with others.

U: This is a socially relaxed character and loves people. They express themselves easily and balanced, yet nuanced way. They have a good relationship with others. They can come across with a degree of indifference but it is easily overlooked. They are totally relaxed and are always striking to feel that way. They are highly emotional and prone to melancholy.

V: This character has a tremendous ability to plan and reach goals. They have wants, desires and work to get them. They are driven and rush to achieve their desires. They can be tense, nervous but powerful. They can have a cruel side when stepped over.

W: They are the people being imprinted by the wave — they possess a life above and below the surface. They possess much emotional depth. They generally possess a large verbal ability and mental abilities well with others. This character enjoys everything in life and is very lovable. While they can not control it, they are always looking for a lasting change in life and possess a volatility towards it.

X: This character in a name is rarely found as the first character, but it exceedingly strong when used. They are very sexy though seem calm and cool.  They tend to lack the need social stability or standard. They are eccentric but driven towards excellence in personal endeavors.

Y:  This is the letter filled with contradictions. They are people prone to spiritual beliefs but also look to reason. Good in business, they are intelligent and possess good use of their mental faculties. They work best when working alone and have a "sixth sense" to a higher spiritual plane. They are reluctant to make decisions especially those tied with emotions.

Z: Beautiful character to have in a name that denotes a wonderful person. They will be prone to being famous and well known. They are prone to have strong beliefs in family stability and family values. They tend to be physically fit, health conscious, strong and independent.

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