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To Be or Not to Be, The Blues during Valentines; How to Get Over that Slump!

Wednesday, February 04, 2015 Stella Quimby

Valentines Day, a holiday that many single peeps and even attached ones, dread to encounter yearly. Unrealistic expectations and unnecessary importance placed on this date have left many of us gloomy on this day. Many people have the blues, especially during this season, but according to the American Academy of Family Physicians, 4 to 6% of Americans have depression during this holiday and 10-20% have a mild form of Seasonal Affective Disorder (people prone to depression during the winter months). So what should one do if you realize that you are one of the many feeling blue on Valentines?? Here are a few tips to help bring them upside frown to an upside smile.

1. Get more SUN

OK, this may be hard especially if you are living up north, like us here in Chicago. But whenever you can, if the sun is out, try to take at least 10 minutes of catching some rays. Here is the catch, it is recommended that you get some sun with no sun block on. No you won't also catch some wrinkles, but the sun has vitamin D that definitely helps with the receptors in one's brain that works with your emotions. So overall, more vitamin D = happier you!

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2.  Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!!!!

According to Reader's Digest, a recent study of 650 older adults showed beneficial effects of exercise treatment. Exercise gets the endorphins to kick in, raising your mood, and also helps you to feel better about your physical abilities. You not only feel more relived that you burned off that cheeseburger, but now you are feeling good; thus making you happier!! So get those gym shoes on and get on that treadmill! That makes for a great Valentine date, hey I'll join you!

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3.  Sleeping Beauty has it made! Sleep more!!
I understand it is impossible for many of us to get those recommended 8 hours of sleep, but getting at least 7 will help! Not sleeping enough will lead to fatigue which is linked to chronic failure AND depression. Researchers have found that getting enough sleep will fight and many times get the person over their depression. So use this as an excuse and jump into bed!

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4.  Say HI!!! Interact with your loved ones

There is a reason why even the hermits that live in the mountains away from all civilization have a pet, they need some form of interaction. Even the loneliest person in the world has a pet or person to communicate with. We as humans (unless you are Martian) need people interaction and just being around or even calling a loved one on the phone will instantly cheer you up. So when you are down on Valentines, you can call your other Valentine hating bud and chat...and also maybe meet up for a drink!

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5.  Do what I do and Celebrate in Your Own Way!

I understand that for those of you that are single or even the attached ones that their other's hate Valentines and don't celebrate, this isn't a good day for you. So why not celebrate yourself. I don't mean book a reservation at a 5 star restaurant, but if you want to, who cares do it if it makes you happy! I personally eat a TON of chocolate, watch sappy romantic films and harass people on the phone; that always cheers me up! So grab that chocolate (totally proven to cheer anyone up) and grab a glass of wine and enjoy this day of love.....loving you.

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But really if your blues lasts longer than just being Valentines day, please check out the signs of depression and tips on how to manage it below. All courtesy of Sycamore Springs Health.

Signs of depression
Increased appetite and weight gain
Increased sleep
Less energy and impaired concentration
Loss of interest in work or other activities including social withdrawal
Unhappiness and irritability

Managing depression
Get enough sleep
Eat healthy foods
Watch for signs your depression is worsening and have a plan if it gets worse
Try to exercise more often and do activities that make you happy
Seek professional help

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