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Taking a holiday? Take your diet & workout with you

Monday, February 09, 2015 Brittany Lohmann

In the midst of winter, a lot of Midwesterners take it upon themselves to head south to warmer climates. As a result, both mini and full-blown vacations take place in the dead of winter. However, simply because you go on vacation does not necessarily mean you should take a vacation from your current exercise regimen and diet. (Most likely you’ve worked hard to look good in that bathing suit to blow it all on too many margaritas.) So take a few of these tips as you plan your holiday away from the cold to keep you on track during vacation and make coming home a heck of a lot easier on you and your waistline.

Hotel/resort amenities. Nowadays most hotels and resorts come with fully equipped gym of some kind. Some hotels and resorts may even offer classes that vacationers can take part in. Be sure to do a quick scan of your hotel/resorts amenities to see if you will have access to a workout facility.

Nearby gyms, studios, etc.
With a quick online search, you will be able to see whether or not there are local gyms, yoga studios, CrossFit boxes near your hotel/resort. Be sure to contact these facilities ahead of time to see if they accept drop-in clients and what sort of fees they charge.

Local running/biking paths, etc. If you are looking to run or bike, approach the concierge upon arrival at your hotel to see where any local running/biking paths may be nearby. They will provide you with the ideas about where the best scenery is for your morning run as well as tell you what areas to avoid.

The key to sticking with your fitness regimen while you are on vacation is to work out right away in the morning. Otherwise, all of the daily activities, whether it includes excursions, activities, or simply relaxing, will prevent you from making it into the gym.

Pack snacks. Hit up your favorite grocery store prior to leaving for your trip to pack snacks for the long road ahead. Whether you are driving or flying, taking a little extra time to bring along some healthy snacks will save you some cash on the road (or at the airport!) and save you some calories in the process.

Eat fresh. During breakfast, eat a protein rich meal to help you keep you full throughout the day. Then, when dining out, be sure to scan the menu and/or ask your server about fresh (and nutritious) meal options. If the menu does not clearly identify those “better for you” food options, never be afraid ask the chef to create a meal that is all your own.

Pick and choose your indulgences. In Florida and want fresh Key Lime Pie? Or in Mexico and have a hankering for authentic enchiladas? By limiting and reserving indulgent food choices, such as a special dish or dessert, they become a memorable part of your vacation rather than a lingering nuisance on your waistline when you return home.

You can make the most out of your vacation by sticking to a somewhat regular workout routine and diet. You will have more energy and have an easier transition back into your regular routine when you return. More importantly, you will feel better and be able to fully enjoy those special indulgences that help make your vacation unforgettable.

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