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Review: La Roche-Posay BB Effaclar Mousse

Sunday, March 01, 2015 molly

I wear foundation every day. Even on my days off, I still dab a couple dots on each finger and start spreading it around like the flour on a lumpy clump of pizza dough. Maybe that’s a bad comparison because never in my life have I been equated to having a “pizza face.” It’s because I don’t have a pizza face (pizza face= mean term to describe those with acne). 

My skin has always been in good condition, sans my first two years of college, when I gained twenty pounds because I ate so much ice cream I might as well have married it. The only other things I ate besides ice cream came from, you guessed it, the Papa John’s food group. So, while I was the cliche of a college freshman, taking advantage of my new found freedom to eat whatever I wanted, I also had the problem skin that goes along with it. You are what you eat. It was during that time that I became a convert from my high school tinted moisturizer routine to being a worshiper of full coverage foundation. Only after graduating did I happen to find my holy grail foundation, forever and ever AMEN, which is the Revlon ColorStay Foundation. 

I am now coming up on year four with my product soulmate, and while we are still very much in love, I can’t deny the changes in me that are becoming harder to ignore. I have shed the twenty college born pounds. The pizza seas have parted to reveal clear skies with but the occasional pimple every now and again...especially during that time of the month when my hormones just like, go crazy, like Mel Gibson post Braveheart. Lately I have been feeling like, hey, I don’t NEED foundation. I mean, I still love foundation. I wouldn’t mind it if foundation and I stuck it out for a bit longer, but with the spring/summer months fast approaching (please, Lawd), I can’t deny my feelings any longer... It’s time to ditch this heavy layer and reveal some skin.

Cue The La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur! The brand new product touts itself as a “instant oil-absorbing coverage cream mousse” and is to be used as a daily cover-up. First of all, anything that sounds like a dessert has my attention. We know how I feel about ice cream, okay?! La Roche-Posay is a treatment line backed by dermatologists which means every product developed serves a purpose to better the quality of the skin you’re working with. The BB Blur comes in just two shades, fair/light & light/medium, which made me a little nervous at first because how on this multicultural earth are you to cover the spectrum of skin colors in two options? I chose the color fair/light, as at the drugstore I always reach for the very first color in the plethora of color slots. 

I decided to squeeze a bit out on the back of my hand, and just as I thought, there sat a shapeless orange blob. But as I rubbed it in, it seemed to disappear into my skin without a trace. What magic crosses me?! I immediately supplied my hands with a dime size amount of the BB Blur and started working it into my skin. Just as with the back of my hand, the clay tone of the product blended into my skin perfectly which I can really only describe as a miracle of beauty. Not only that, but the texture of the product is so silky. Just the act of spreading it around my face felt luxurious in an “I should be wearing a long string of pearls while applying this” sort of way. There’s always next time. And there will definitely be a next time! 

(the blob)

The La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur is the perfect product for daytime and provided enough coverage to completely even out my skin tone, even dimming a few dark spots from healing pimple offenders! It is true to its medium-coverage claim in that it covered enough to camouflage, yet remain natural looking (great for those with freckles or freckle in the sun) which is an important aspect when thinking about the warmer months ahead. Nobody wants to see your cakey foundation melting across your jawline, down your neck, and onto your cute little white sundress, therefore becoming not so cute. The product’s dual purpose to both subtly cover and treat your skin is only a further bonus, as we can all attest that while summer is super amazing, at the same time it can be a super bummer due to the heat conjuring sweat and clogged pores. To the rescue, the BB Blur is an oil-reducing matte formula which I cannot wait to slap on and take for a test bike ride on a TBA sunny day.

Recommended for both “acne prone skin”, “sensitive skin”, and “oily/shiny skin” on the product website, I believe everyone is a candidate for the BB Blur, unless oil evades your skin or you cannot produce sweat. In that case, PM me about the details, PRONTO. It’s like, are you getting the same botox injected into your face that they inject into your underarms to reduce sweating? Hashtag, gotta know! For all other cases, if you have been looking for a new face product, the Effaclar BB Blur is the answer and a game changer! 

(day one of many wearing the Effaclar BB Blur...Goldfish not endorsed, but highly recommended)

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