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Halfstack Highlights Ep. 21: "Primal Teams" by Jackie Barretta: Book Review

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 Pearl

Jackie Barretta shares her secrets to creating and maintaining successful relationships in the workplace in her book, "Primal Teams". In her recently published book, the accomplished CIO consultant, speaker, and author, gives us an insight on techniques that can help us to use our emotions in a productive way that can benefit and strengthen any team.

Oftentimes, we are discouraged from sharing and expressing our emotions in a public setting. It is looked down upon because emotions are viewed negatively as a sign of weakness and is even considered unprofessional at times. In her book, Jackie Barreta shares that this is not the case. In fact, emotions are a positive asset to a workplace and can even be used as a strong, driving force that can improve a workplace setting and the relationship between colleagues. She explains that by harnessing our emotions, we can increase the power of group energy to help us as individuals and as a team.

However, the advice given in "Primal Teams" is not limited to just a professional workplace. Any reader can benefit from reading this book. The techniques that we learn from "Primal Teams" can be adapted and applied for any time, place, and situation. With the advice that we receive from the information provided in Jackie Barretta's book, we can utilize to help transform our negative feelings into productivity and positivity in order to better ourselves and our contributions to a group.

If these ideas are something that interests you, you can read more on the topic in "Primal Teams". Lastly, you can check out the interview that I had with the author, Jackie Barretta, in our podcast, Halfstack Highlights, either on iTunes or with the player below!

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