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Melanie Martinez At Lincoln Hall

Sunday, February 22, 2015 Pearl

On February 10, Melanie Martinez held a concert at Chicago's Lincoln Hall as a third part and the final installment of her Dollhouse Tour. Her setlist was fun and edgy and her performance was mesmerizing. The entire audience was in the palm of her hands.

Before Melanie went on stage, the indie pop band AJR opened for her with a selection of songs from their EPs and new album. The three brothers were really able to interact the crowd. For their last song, the performed their most famous tune "I'm Ready" which is the song that shot them up into fame and recognition.

When it was finally Melanie's set, she came out strong with a new song off of her album called "Mad Hatter". She went on to sing a mix of new songs from her upcoming album "Cry Baby" and songs from the "Dollhouse EP" which was released last year. One of the highlights of the night was when she sang her song "Carousel", which was popularized after being used as promo for American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Ever since her debut on the television show called The Voice, Melanie became known for her unique and husky voice. Her one of a kind singing style also makes her distinguishable from other singers in the industry. Melanie's songs have a very distinct style. It sounds very sweet, but has dark undertones. Since her time on The Voice, I think that Melanie was able to truly grow as an artist and develop her own musical style.

Melanie's performance was full of passion. Her voice didn't waver at all while she sang throughout the night. My only disappointment was the end of her performance. She abruptly stopped her show and left the stage after saying bye. There was not encore and the house lights went back on after an awkward delay. This left the fans in a state of confusion and made the ending of the concert unsatisfying.

But overall, Melanie Martinez's concert was truly a unique experience. She really knows how to captivate the audience's attention and put her all into a performance. I thought that her concert was very enjoyable. I can't wait until she makes her way back to Chicago!

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