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Last Minute Valentine Gifts - Fragrances

Saturday, February 07, 2015 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

It's just about a week away. For those of you who haven't had the time or need a little extra help, we have rounded up some great fragrances to check out and include as a possible last minute Valentine's Day gift. Remember, it's the thought that counts. So, put some thought into your selection! When selecting a fragrance for him or her, think about how the scent will complement that special someone and why it reminds you of them. Think about their personality and how the undertones and notes of the fragrance can depict, counter or enhance.

What are some important things to keep in mind when selecting a fragrance? Well, great question and here are some things to consider and learn more about.

So, what's a note?

It's an odoriferous (fancy way of saying smell) element in the perfume or cologne. When we smell a composed fragrance, we smell different notes within it.

What's that smell?

Fragrances are classified according to predominant scent characteristics. So, they include: Floral/Sweet, Citrus/Fruity/Fresh, Oriental/Spicy, and Woody/Chypre.

A bit of chemistry

Because our body chemistry is special to each of us, the same perfume will smell completely different on another person! Also, keep in mind when testing that it will definitely smell different in the bottle or sprayed on a card than it will on your skin.

Here are some of our faves for him and her rounded up in a nice little list for you!

1. Dolce Vita by Christian Dior - The warm tones of magnolia and rose blend perfectly with the sweet aromas of cinnamon, peach, and apricot. Bottom notes of vanilla and sandalwood complete the mix to give an intoxicating aroma to a beautiful floral perfume. Perfect for that sensuous lady in your life.

2. Eau De Lacoste Rouge - Inspired by the LACOSTE white polo shirt designed by RenĂ© Lacoste in the late 1920s, EAU DE LACOSTE Rogue captures the transformation of the iconic polo shirt into a fragrance. EAU DE LACOSTE Rouge is about reinvigorating his outlook, interrupting his daily routine with playful bursts of energy while injecting a sense of excitement into his life. Definitely a great addition to the collection of an athlete or on the go kind of guy.

3. Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle - And for a more mysterious and sensual scent. EAU DE LACOSTE SENSUELLE recreates the feeling of the evolution from a sunny day to a cool and refreshing evening – the spirit of EAU DE LACOSTE SENSUELLE is playfully and sensually transformed into a bottle, perfect for the evening ahead.  This is a great fragrance that is irresistible and flirty.

4. Rose The One by Dolce & Gabbana - Rose The One is a breath-taking realization of a contemporary feminine floral and a deftly sensual paean to the eternal romance of the rose. An intriguing combination of pink grapefruit, sandalwood, musk, vanilla, rose and mandarin, as well as several other notes, blend to create this elegant floral fragrance.

Rose by Paul Smith - Opens with notes of violet, rose and green tea. The heart is composed of Turkish Rose and magnolia, while the base brings cedar and musk accords. This is a delicate scent perfect for the lady like woman in your life. 

Special Mention 
Eau de Gaga - Haus Laboratories has done it again with this latest fragrance. It's a gender neutral scent that smells enchanting on him or her. It has a much more fierce and husky undertone than the gentler and more mysterious FAME. Yet, it is still just as intoxicating. It is built around the white violet, but is counterbalanced with woodsy and leather notes. It's a daring combination that works really well for any daring man or woman.

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