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Halfstack Highlights Ep. 22 - How to Be a Rich Bitch with Nicole Lapin

Thursday, February 26, 2015 Cora

If you’re looking to take control of your financial life this year, Rich Bitch: A 12 Step Plan for Getting Your Financial Life in Order...Finally is the book for you. Written by fun and fearless financial expert Nicole Lapin, Rich Bitch is a finance book you’ll actually enjoy reading and feel excited and empowered about your future. You can also listen to the full interview on the Halfstack Highlights Podcast!

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Courtesy: Nicole Lapin's website 

Nicole Lapin Lapin was never attracted to finances growing up. When her high school boyfriend said he wanted to be a hedge fund manager, she through he wanted to get into gardening. “We never had the Wall Street Journal laying around,” Lapin said. When she started on the floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange, she realized money was a language like anything else. That was empowering for her. Even though she was the youngest anchor and worked on several shows, she felt all the information she had wasn’t reaching an audience that really needed it—her former self.

Courtesy: Nicole Lapin's website 

Lapin knew how she wanted to educate women about money. She wanted to create a “jargon- free zone” with her book because she felt the language of money intimidated women who want to take control of their financial lives. She wanted to stress aspiration versus desperation. “There’s a new normal, she said. It’s not the American dream. It’s your dream, your destiny. Rich Bitch is an unconventional word because it’s an unconventional book. Conventional wisdom no longer applies.” Lapin breaks financial freedom into easy to follow, accessible 12 step plan. You know why you’re taking these steps, when to take these steps, and what to look for. She also stresses these are suggestions, not gospel. “Personal finance is personal,” she said. “It is not one size fits all.”'

What I enjoyed most about the book was the tone. When you read some finance books, they can make you feel guilty about your choices and worry more about your situation. Rich Bitch was approachable and empowering. Lapin has been there and improved her situation. “There are no stupid questions because I’ve already asked them for you,” Lapin said. If readers laugh at her foibles but learn something, so be it. Fear of money is all in your head and Lapin sets you free. As money affects all areas of your life, she helps you see how your mindset influences your decisions. Calling how you organize your money a “spending plan” instead of a “budget” feels better just as calling a “diet” a “healthy eating plan.” This is a change for the long term. “You’re paying for your future self,” Lapin said. “Money touches every aspect of your life.” Rich Bitch will be one of your favorite books you read this year and not just because it will change your life. It's available wherever books are sold, or visit Lapin's website at

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