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Thursday, February 26, 2015 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Spring 2015 is right around the corner and with the spring comes a sense of renewal. That renewal typically brings about spring cleaning and more often than not, changes in our appearance. Those changes can vary from new cuts, styles or trying new types of makeup. It can even mean changing up our home or trying to make changes in our lifestyle.This trend spotlight and product roundup showcases some interesting products and trends for Spring 2015.

The Trends

Rockabilly Hairstyles for Men
You guys have heard and seen this look for some seasons now, but the rockabilly style for guys has kept a strong hold on the fashion forward men and now it seems that every dude is rocking the pompadour. This style is a throwback to the Johnny Cashes and Sinatras of yesteryear. A put together yet badass look for the man who isn't afraid to put a tad bit of effort into his look. 

How to achieve the look: After washing your hair, blow dry your hair to give it some body. Then, grease your hair properly with pomade. Create a deep part on the side of your head that is most fitting for your faceshape then comb your hair back. Pull slightly on the front of the pompadour to lift it a bit. When you look at your hair from the side, it must take on the shape of a wedge.

Product to use: Layrite Pomade is a great product to use for this look. It is an extremely versatile pomade that provides excellent all-day hold for short, fine, or normal hair can be used to create put-together or messy styles with a medium shine. It is definitely a traditional pomade that is easy to spread and gives a slightly wet look. The hold is dependant on how damp your hair is when the product is applied. So, for a better hold - apply to drier hair. The best part about this product is that it doesn't flake and is water soluble and washes out easily. 

Thick luscious locks for Her/Undone hair
Long hair is making a come back for the ladies. Lobs were everywhere last year, but one trend on the runways this past season that made some serious headway was length. It was seen in long pony tales, thick luscious waves, pulled high or slicked back. The length and volume shown on the runways was absolutely vivacious. 

How to achieve the look: You don't have to have naturally thick hair to achieve this look! The easiest way to get that volume is through blow drying and product. First thing, spritz a heat-protecting leave-in conditioner through damp strands from roots to ends. Then divide your hair into sections. Starting at the back lowest section, blow-dry and wind small sections of hair from the ends up to the scalp around a ceramic brush and hit with the heat until dry.

Unravel hair from the brush. As you do, rotate your wrist so the hair curls on itself, forming a loose ringlet. Repeat until all hair is dry. Flip your head over and mist hair's underside with a texturizing spray. Use your fingers to massage the roots, then flip back up and finger-comb into place.

Product to use: Sure Thik has a great range of products meant to help thicken up those locks. If you are facing some hair thinning it may be a sign of hormonal issues or it could also just be oil from the sebaceous glands, mixed with dead skin cells and the residue left from most hair products, clogging your hair follicles. This can cause blocking of hair growth.

Without adequate circulation, vital oxygen and nutrients cannot pass through the tiny blood vessels to the hair follicle and you'll notice thinning. After about 2 months utilizing the root penetrating shampoo, I saw some noticeable regrowth. I utilized this product 3 times a week as I felt every day use for myself left my hair feeling a bit dry. I combined a weekly conditioning treatment to help add moisture and my locks were feeling luscious after about 2 months. The product is sulfate-free, paraben-free and dye-free and makes for a great conscious buy.

Yet, if you are looking for that instant gratification, the brand also carries a line of hair thickening fibers. All you do is shake a bit on any thin areas and comb it throw and use a bit of hairspray to set. It gives a natural look without all the teasing.

Eco friendly products 
The idea of making trying to live more environmentally friendly isn't something new. Yet, it does seem more and more of the public are making conscious decisions to use products that don't leave a negative impact on the world around them. Personally, this idea was heightened the moment I became a mother. What I consume, use and do to the world can directly affect my children in the future. I've found that brands that take this idea into consideration, are brands that I tend to chose and support. Which is why I'm spotlighting two products that do just that.

Products to Use: Little Twig is one of those brands that just gets it and the product is amazing as well. The brand has a host of shampoos, conditioners, body wash and moisturizing products that are topnotch and smell amazing. Their lavendar line is perfect for the restless babies and moms. Lavender Scented Lotion or Oil is often very helpful in promoting a healthy natural sleep for both babies and their parents. Lavender has aromatherapy properties that are calming and relaxing.

Little twig also has a recycling program that was created to involve families in their efforts to reduce waste. It’s one simple way you can give back to the environment and get a little something in return.

Eco Me is a line of natural cleaning products that was born out of need and concern. The need to remove dangerous chemicals from homes and the environment and the concern that the toxins emitted from every day products has encouraged the rapid increase of disease in our society. I love their lemon dish soap. It's a pretty decent sized bottle and a little goes a long way! The smell is heavenly and it is super gentle on hands.

Learning to use the right brush for your product 
With all the youtube beauty gurus out there, ladies are learning more and more about professional proper techniques for makeup application. This spring it seems like technique is becoming more and more important. Rather than just slathering on makeup with your fingers, learning to use the right brush for the right product has become and important beauty tip. So, I've rounded up the brushes I've been using the last few months and absolutely love. You can get a brief rundown of how they work and what product you should be using them with.

SOHO Naturals 6-piece Makeup Brush Set has been a mainstay in my makeup bag. It comes with: foundation brush, highlighter brush, all-over eyeshadow brush, angled eyeliner brush, and a brush pouch. Then there is the Retractable Kabuki brush. The densely packed bristles of the SOHO Naturals Retractable Kabuki Brush pick up more product than a typical powder brush and provides moderate to full coverage. This is the perfect brush to use with mineral makeup, loose or pressed powder, and/or bronzer.

SOHO is yet another brand trying to leave the world better than they found it. The brushes all come with: bamboo handle, have cruelty-free nylon bristles and are packaged in recycled packaging

Tips for use: The Eye Shader brush is used for packing color on the lid. You can also use the tip of the brush to smudge color under the lash line, or to create a defined line in the crease. The highlighter brush has feathery, soft bristles to give a very nice finish to any product used with it. This brush is very easy to use when applying a highlighter to the top of the cheekbones. The foundation stippling brush is perfect for those of you who love a full coverage look to your foundation. The large flat head is specifically made for the liquid foundation to be stippled onto the face.

Showing some skin
Another trend that seems to cycle back around after the cold and as soon as spring hits, is to show a little skin. As soon as the weather starts to warm up dresses, shorts and skirts make an appearance. For women this means back to the shaving game. Hair removal can be tricky and difficult and staying smooth is often a short lived experience for some. Soften Her is a great new product on the market that makes prickly grown back hair an annoyance of the past. Keep in mind this doesn't buff hair away per se, but it does help soften the skin of the shaven area. It's a soft pad that you use to buff your shaven area and soften stubble.  It gently exfoliates and prevents in-grown hairs. I definitely noticed a decrease in razor bumps upon usage of the pad. The small compact size and shape makes it easy to use and discreet to keep in your handbag. They even have the Soft Goat for the dudes!

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