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26 Shirts Expands To Chicago!

Tuesday, February 03, 2015 Pearl

26 Shirts is an online clothing company that sells limited edition, sports-themed clothing. The unique style of shirts celebrate sports traditions as well as past and present athletes. Recently, the company, which originally operated in Buffalo, New York, expanded their reach to The Windy City and started offering Chicago sports-themed t-shirts on their website.

This company is unique for many reasons, one of which being that they only sell one shirt design at a time. Unlike most companies that have a large inventory, 26 shirts only has one shirt available per purchase period. The one shirt design is available for people to buy on their website for a short run of two weeks. After the two weeks are over, the shirt designs are then retired and no longer able to be purchased.

However, beyond the fact that this company sells really nice, one-of-a-kind t-shirts, what makes them stand out from other clothing companies is the fact that they donate $8 to a family in need for every single shirt that is sold. In addition to their donations, 26 Shirts partners with social good businesses (such as YouAndWho, a Buffalo-based business that donates a shirt for every shirt sold) in order to provide patrons with high quality and comfortable shirts while simultaneously helping others. The designs are also contributions by freelance artists who contribute their talents and designs to the company. Their charity work is 100% crowd-funded as well.

26 Shirts recently celebrated their one year anniversary. During that time, the company raised over $64,000 for foundations that support families in Buffalo, New York. If you buy a shirt from 26 Shirts, you are not only purchasing a high quality t-shirt with a great, limited time design, but you are also helping out charities that aid families in need.

The company is currently selling a Chicago-themed shirt which celebrates the current head coach for the Chicago Bears. $8 from the purchase of this shirt will then be donated to the Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation. The design (pictured above) will only be available for purchase for five more days. Be sure to pick up yours before the design is retired forever!

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