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Tips for Pearly Whites

Sunday, January 11, 2015 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

A brilliant white smile just really packs a punch when it comes to first impressions. Typically, it is said a nice white smile is a sign of good health. So, it makes sense that people work so hard to achieve a healthy looking smile. So, in this episode of Halfstack's Beauty Test Kitchen I am rounding up some great products to help you get that beautiful smile!

Of course my first tip is go to the dentist. You can have the whitest teeth you want, but if you are not visiting the dentist regularly they won't stay that way. So, dental hygiene is a must. Use a good toothbrush and carry one around with you. I highlighted the Violife version because it is portable, but is as good as any home electric tooth brush. Also, don't forget to floss! Dentek makes it really easy to do this on the go with their portable cases filled with floss picks.

I also think it is important to set up a good daily dental routine. It's more than just flossing and brushing, we need to do it enough and with products that don't have a ton of chemicals that do more damage than good. You can check out the Closys Sytem. I also highlight 2 types of whitening systems: Dial a Smile and Opalescence. Opalescence is my go to, but if you have sensitive teeth, I would suggest Dial a Smile.

Hope you all enjoyed this round up on Halfstack's Beauty Test Kitchen! Check back weekly for videos and make sure you welcome our new Youtuber - Denise from Not a Size Zero!

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