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Team Spirit at Schubas

Tuesday, January 20, 2015 Pearl

On Friday, I was able to see the band Team Spirit perform at Schubas Tavern. Team Spirit is a band that consists of the former keyboard player for Passion Pitt, Ayad Al-Adhamy, as the lead vocalist, Kieren Smith on guitar and vocals, Dan De Lara on bass and vocals, and Alex Russek on the drums.

Team Spirit is a project that was started by Al-Adhamy after he had rediscovered his love for the guitar and rock music. It is in many ways, a contrast to his former band. The band's sound is a lot more raw and has the feel of 90's garage rock music. The band's songs give you a an image of people brimming with energy, youth, and recklessness. Their performance at the venue on Friday night is a testament to that.

This was my first time being at Schubas. The venue wasn't too different than what I imagined it to be. It is definitely on the smaller side, similar to the Beat Kitchen. Upon entering, there is a restaurant and bar followed by the stage at the back. What I really enjoyed about this venue is that there is no barricade or space between the audience and the stage, making the entire performance seem all the more intimate. However, this was a sold out show, so you can imagine how crowded the venue was.

In a packed venue with a sold out show, the band was able to captivate the audience with their fun and energetic performance. I found it hard at times to distinguish the songs because of the excessive noise (and also as a result of being too close to the speakers). However, the band's performance and interaction with the crowd made it easy to disregard that and enjoy the night anyway. They quickly made the people in the venue become instant fans of their music.

The band itself is a group of very friendly and animated people. Their interaction with the crowd in between songs showed their colorful personalities and charm. Even after their set, the band made time to interact with fans, While in the midst of hurrying to pack away the equipment, the guitarist Kieren even stopped to hug a fan and have a quick conversation.

Team Spirit is a band that is full of spirit and gusto. I can't wait to see where they go from here.

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