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Soho House Street Art Series Launch

Friday, January 02, 2015 Perry

Soho House is a private members' club dedicated to bringing together creatives of all kinds.  Celebrating local art and talent, Soho House Chicago has launched their street art series, featuring a different artist each month. 

On December 13th, the series debuted with muralist, JC Rivera's installment on the North and South outer walls of the house.  Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Rivera moved to Chicago to grow in his art.  For the past year and a half, Rivera has practiced and in my opinion, perfected the medium of spray paint.

Spectators intently watched Rivera as he worked on his creation from 9:00am, into the evening.  I had the opportunity to sit and speak with Rivera during his brief break between installments.

HS: What inspired you to start to create art?

JC: Ever since I can remember, I have been sketching.  Then I got a computer and I started to do digital work. 

HS: What is your favorite piece you have created so far?

JC: A garage door I painted in Wicker Park.  Anytime anyone sees it they recognize my work and take pictures and tag me on it! 

HS: What was the inspiration behind your piece for Soho House?

JC: The bears are my character, my branding.  I usually [create] it with boxing gloves.  When I was growing up, I always wanted to be a boxer, but my mom never let me, because she was so protective.

HS: What do you hope for people to take away from seeing your work?

JC:  That they like it and think it’s fun.  A lot of people take pictures with their kids and everything and tag me on it.  That’s what I want.  I want them to see it as something fun!  Like, maybe they are having a really bad day and they see it and it makes them smile. 

The January art feature will highlight The Lie.  Make sure to stop by Soho House Chicago, 113-125 N. Green St., this month and you just might see the next masterpiece in the works. 

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