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Simple and Easy Make Up Look

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 Denise

Let me show you some tricks on putting simple make up on. These tricks will not only help you with this look, but in other looks as well. Watch my video below to see my make up step by step.

Step one: After you do skincare routine, put a base of primer all over your face. Primers are often different. They have different benefits depending on what they claim to do, but you use a primer to smoothen out your face and to have a barrier between your skin and all the products you will be putting on your face. I used the Miracle Skin Transformer Face Spotlight from Sarah Mcnamara. This product didn't come in a particular shade, but it was tinted. I have more information on this product in the review video on Halfstack Magazine's Youtube channel.

Step two: This step I usually do after my foundation, but since I'm using a powder foundation I need to put it on before. I conceal my dark spots in my blemishes by using a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than my skin tone. This elf Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter in medium/glow works well to cover my blemishes and dark spots.

Step three: I set my primer and concealer in place by using a powdered foundation. A powder foundation has more coverage than a translucent powder. It evens out the color of your face as well. You don't need to use a powder foundation, but if you are using cream or liquid foundation, you will want to set it with powder. I'm using NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat powder foundation in warm beige. Don't forget to blend it all the way to your neck.

Step four: In this step you are going to focus on your eyes. You want to put a gold color as your base, and put it all over your lid. Use a flat dome brush to evenly disperse product on your eyes.

Then you get a fluffy angled brush, use a dark chocolate color and put it on the crease of your eyes. Use a windshield wiper motion to follow the crease of your eyes. This will add depth to your eyes. You normally want to use the darkest color on your crease when you're trying to create a smokey eyed look.

Lastly you want to highlight take a champagne color and put it underneath your eyebrows and in the inner corners of your eyes. This will bring light into your eyes. It will also lift your eyebrows. If you were wondering, what palette this is, it's the elf 100 color eyeshadow palette.

Step five: You will want to use a liner either liquid or gel or even pencil. Line your eyes. I usually use an angled brush with a gel liner and top it off with a liquid liner. If you decide to go for just a liquid liner I suggest you do small lines and connect it. Lining your eyes with liquid liner is really hard, so making sure that you use shorter line is an additional help. I like using a marker felt tip liquid liner with this elf waterproof eyeliner in their essential line.

Step six: You want to finish your eyes by putting mascara  on your eyelashes. This will enhance the look of your lashes specially since putting eyeliner makes your eyelashes look shorter and sometimes it lessens the visibility of them. I got this mascara from Sephora as a gift for my birthday.

Step seven: Putting blush on your cheeks is next. This will help bring back some color on your face. Try smiling when putting your blush on. This will bring up the apples of your cheeks making them easier to locate. I love my Cover Girl Cheekers in Plum Plush. It's plum shade makes it really nice to wear during the fall/winter season.

Step eight: Pucker up. Your lips are next. Try lining your lips first this will help in keeping  the lipstick in place and keeping them on longer. This lipstick came with the mascara Sephora gave us make up lovers last year!

Step nine: Top your lips off with a lip gloss. It'll make your lips moisturized. I'm using the Hydropeptide Perfecting Lip Gloss in Berry Breeze.

Step ten: Brighten your face by using highlighter. I use the highlighter on top of my cheeks, on my cupid's bow and the bridge of my nose. I like that the Gerard Cosmetic BB+ Plus has a gold tint to it, so the highlight has a more natural glow. I can definitely use this over the summer when my skin tone is a little darker.

Step eleven: This is the last step. Frame your face by filling in your eyebrows. I'm using a dark brown eyeshadow and an angle brush to fill my eyebrows in.  I top it off with a clear job to keep my eyebrows in shape. I use the Anastasia Brow Powder Duo and Clear Gel for my eye brow filling and shaping needs.

These are the basic steps in putting your makeup on. I hope this was helpful in your venture with makeup.

Here are links to shop the look!

Miracle Skin Transformer Face Spotlight from Sarah Mcnamara:

elf Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter:

NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat powder foundation:

Cover Girl Cheekers in Plum Plush:

Hydropeptide Perfecting Lip Gloss in Berry Breeze:

Gerards Cosmetic BB+ Plus:

Anastasia Brow Powder Duo and Clear gel:  
Denise - Digital Beauty Editor & Blogger 

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