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Sarah Gayle Meech's "Tennessee Love Song": Classic Country for the Contemporary Fan

Thursday, January 22, 2015 Cora

Remotely listen to country music and you’ll hear the debate what’s on country radio and the charts is not country music. YouTube comments are the musical Hatfields and McCoys. Contemporary country has its place. The fun party songs have converted many to country music.

Picture by Amanda Van Sandt 

Then there’s the country backbone with simple structure, tight rhymes, and slide guitars unleashed. While some are trying to find another rhyme for “Barcardi”, singer-songwriter Sarah Gayle Meech unapologetically holds the fort for classic country, bringing to mind Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn. Meech’s second album, "Tennessee Love Song", comes out March 31st.

Picture by Amanda Van Sandt 

 Looking like a vintage pin up, Meech hails from the logging town of Longview, Washington. After high school, she attended the Theatre of Arts in Los Angeles where she honed her performance skills and decided she wanted to be a singer. While her musical influences are vast, coming from all kinds of music, one of her biggest musical influences is her father. “He thought he was Hank, Elvis, and Clint Eastwood,” she laughs. This album she feels is more spontaneous. Her first album, "One Good Thing", was a couple of years of work. She started recording it in Los Angeles, moved to Nashville, and found her voice. She redid everything in Nashville. “The first one is the hardest to get out,” she said. She wrote her sophomore album in a year, taking twenty songs and narrowing it to fifteen on the album. “The ones that didn’t stick I didn’t believe in fell by the wayside,” she said. “When you write a lot you figure it out.”

Picture by Danielle Holbert 

The power is in not only what she says, but how she says it. We all know music picks up where words fail. You find yourself looking for words trying to accurately describe how you feel. Play a song and that’s it. That’s how you feel. Meech has been there and made something beautiful out of it. “As a writer that’s what I always wish,” she said. “That people can relate and it resonates with them. They say, ‘I was there’.” Meech enjoys performing the title track live. She does different arrangements to keep it interesting. It’s a song anyone who has moved to make their dream a reality will understand; this is the place you belong but that places doesn’t love you back (yet). “Watermelon and Rootbeer” is a fun one, but everyone will relate to “Somebody’s Gonna Cry”, a tale about seeing that person and knowing it will not end well.

The writing is clean and hard-hitting. There’s beauty in the simplicity. Listeners will respond to that honesty. “I don’t like to mince words,” Meech laughs. It’s a laugh of complete abandon and acceptance. This is who she is: a lady, someone you’d want to have a beer with, and someone you want on your side during a bar fight. Meech’s second album comes out March 31st. For more information about Meech and her projects visit her website.

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