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Nekz: The Scarf Alternative

Sunday, January 04, 2015 Olivia Lemley

The unbearably cold winters are just around the corner. Last year's polar vortex has Chicagoans scurrying for the fireplace! Yes, scarves are always nice for outdoor activities, but what if there's a new and renovated alternative? New to the market, Nekz provides warmth and style. Raquel Graham is the genius behind this invention. After the daunting winters, it was clear she needed to create a flawless accessory to keep people warm this season.

This product is brilliant! Perfect to pair with a peacoat, Nekz is a compact alternative to the scarf that wraps softly and comfortably around your neck; there's no need to worry about the overpowering bulk with this unisex accessory. Whether you decide to add a contrasting pop to your outfit or give a bold coat a cozy base, be safe from the frigid winds this winter. With various styles including sports team logos, cute and fun kids patterns, classy solids and funky prints, Nekz caters to everyone…including all the men out there! Things to keep in mind: Whether they admit it or not, they get cold too!

Stay warm, yet don't loose your style this winter. Get your very own Nekz here!

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