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Meital's Climb to the Top

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 Pearl

Meital Dohan, a woman of multiple talents, forges her way from television and film to the music industry. With her single "Give Us Back Love" making it's way up the Billboard charts, she is letting everyone know that's she's ready to make her mark in music.

Meital, who originally started out an actress, made her debut at an early age when she starred in many films and television shows in Israel. It wasn't long before she made her way to the big and small screens in the United States. Since then, she has gone on to writing her own screenplays and directing different projects. But her accomplishments don't stop there.

Currently, the star is making music independently. Her latest single, the song "Give Us Back Love", has been steadily making it's way to the top of the Billboard charts. Most of her songs, which have very catchy lyrics and beat, can instantly get stuck in your head for hours. Her music videos, that are equal parts bizarre and entertaining, have been accumulating millions of views online. It's no wonder her name is making it's way up the charts.

Though she is best known for portraying the character Yael Hoffman on the Showtime television show Weeds, Meital is starting to make a place for herself as a singer and performer as well. With her talent and drive, nothing will be able to stop her from getting to the top.

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