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Major Player: The Organic Process and Original Material of Major Myjah

Thursday, January 08, 2015 Cora

I have interviewed several performers and it surprises me how many people do not write their own material. At a young age, seventeen year old Major Myjah could buy material or lip synch, but he doesn’t. Instead he embraces his journey as an artist and the organic process of creation. He writes his own material and his song “Cry” shows how he has his hand in every step of the process.

While Myjah is a triple threat performer, he fell in love with the art of music and songwriting. “I wanted to be a rock star,” he said. “My motto is ‘Dream big, die a legend’.” Influenced by The Beatles, Bob Marley, and Michael Jackson, he sounds like Lenny Kravitz, Ben Harper, and John Mayer. You may have seen him in Cobra Starship’s “Middle Finger” video or an acapella remake of Pharrell’s “Happy” with Aanysa.
“Being an artist is about expressing you,” he says. “There’s no right or wrong way.” What results is his personality shines and a raw purity and honesty comes across in his work. He wrote his song, “Cry”, two years ago. He originally wrote it with no words in the chorus. “I heard it in my head and it flowed from there,” he says. “It just felt right writing it.” He was involved every step of the way from lyric, melody, to the final cut. The song is quickly garnering attention. “It’s about loving someone so much and it’s hard to let them go,” he says. “It feels amazing to see it out there. It’s getting there and growing.”
The passion from the studio that is poured into creating his music is translated into passionate, high energy experiences on stage. “I have fun,” he says. “I get wild and silly.” The performances are consistently infectious and talked about. “He did bring the crowd to their feet and everyone from the bartenders, the staff, to management was floored with him. He definitely gave an amazing performance,” says Erika Gimenes, booking agent at Whisky A Go-Go in Los Angeles. “He was great and we're all loving the new video!” 2015 promises to be a big year for the poised Major Myjah. His song “Cry” is out now and his debut album is set to release in the spring. If you can’t wait until then, you can get more Myjah on YouTube,Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud.

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