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Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

Friday, January 30, 2015 Brittany Lohmann

You've been working out, eating right, getting enough sleep, essentially you're on a healthy living roll. Up until Sunday's big game, there has been nothing in your way to take you off the path you're on. So how do you enjoy the Super Bowl without straying too far from your diet? Enjoy these healthy recipes to make your Super Bowl Sunday and take you into Monday without feeling too guilty.

Southwestern Black Bean Salad.  This black bean salad is simple to make but what's even better is that it is full of veggies. Serve with pita or tortilla chips.

Guacamole & Bacon Deviled Eggs. A new twist on a classic, this Deviled egg is jam packed with healthy fats to help keep you fuller, longer.

Sweet Spicy Baked Wings. Bake your wings instead of frying them and save yourself a load of calories. Follow this simple baked wings recipe for a delicious addition to your party.

Mediterranean 7-Layer Dip.  Another healthy spin on a classic recipe. This new version of a 7-Layer Dip has all the flavors of the Mediterranean packed into one bowl.

Spicy Buffalo Roasted Nuts. If the game has you going nuts, munch on a few of these to help take the edge off.

Sweet Pepper Poppers.  Switch up your traditional stuffed pepper recipe with goat cheese and bacon.

Apple Nachos.  While these aren't your traditional nachos, you'll be sure to enjoy a bit of dessert while watching the big game.

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