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Beauty Test Kitchen: Make Up Round Up!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 Denise

Hey Halfstackers,

Today's round up will be on the paint for that beautiful canvas that is your face. Yes, we are doing a make up round up!

I'm excited to share with you these products. I must admit that not everything became my favorite, but I enjoyed most of the products. Check out this video where I did the review!


Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer Face Spotlight $48

I'm not quite sure if this product was designed to be a tinted moisturizer or BB cream or primer. I found it better to use it as a primer. Why you ask? It's because of what it claims to do for your skin. This product claims to visibly improve skin's texture and pore size, help minimize the appearance of fine lines, reduce the look of pigmentation imperfections, even out and perfectly illuminates skin tone, and leave your skin with a smooth, airbrushed, and luminous finish. These are great traits for a primer to have. This product does diminish some of the pigmentations on my face, but not a lot. I noticed some coverage, but again there's not much coverage with this product.

I would recommend you having a powder foundation to top off this product or even having an actual foundation on top. I love that this product has sunscreen in it. I like leaving my house with protection on my face. If the scent of the product is something that makes or breaks a product for you, this product smells just like sunscreen. The smell of this product is also very faint, so it won't even bother you. I also like that the product does give me a bounce of light on my face, but being that it doesn't give my face enough coverage, I have to top it off with the foundation powder that eliminates that shine.
Overall I would recommend you try this product. I tried this product on my face for a whole day and I only blotted once. This is saying a lot coming from a girl who has oily skin. You can find this product at Kohls, Nordstrom, and Ulta.

This BB cream claims to create a youthful glow on your face. It also claims to hydrate your skin while masking imperfections. I would have to be honest about this product; I wasn't a fan. There is a certain scent to this product that bothered me. It gave of a really rubber scent. Also this product had a very greasy feel on my face.

Although I may not use this product as a BB cream all over my face, I found that this product was very good as a highlighter. I love the fact that this product has a golden shimmer to it making your face look like it has a natural bronze glow. This product would be perfect for summer when a lot of people are more tan. This product is available at

Next we moved to the lip products that I tried.

Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Lighted Lipgloss $24

To sum up my review on this product… I loved it. I'm not one who loves lip gloss as much, but this lip gloss takes the cake. I love how pigmented this product was. I will definitely try the other colors of this line. I love how hydrated my lips feel while I'm wearing it and even afterwards. It claims to increase lipsvolume and reduce lip wrinkles while doubling as an amazing moisturizer. I did not even feel a pull on this product which claims to be a lip enhancer. That can be a good thing. There are a lot of lip enhancers out there that hurt when I use it, therefore I never do.

I will definitely recommend you guys getting one of these lip glosses. The lip glosses also come with a light and a mirror attached in the bottle. This is perfect when you are out at night trying to retouch your make up. The staying power of this lip gloss is also really nice. I had this lip gloss on for a whole day and had a bite to eat and my lips still had color in them. It wasn't full glossy, but it still had color which was really nice. This product is available at

The last product that I am going to review is the HydroPeptide Perfecting gloss Lip Enhancing Treatment.

The first thing that I noticed about this product was how soft the applicator was. I have tried many applicators for lips, but nothing was as soft as this. If you are that type of girl who likes lip gloss is that aren't so opaque I would recommend you trying this. This is a more sheer gloss, so please make note of that. This product claims to be a lip enhancer that restore his lip fullness, volume and definition within minutes while enhancing long-lasting suppleness and hydration.

This is one of those products where you can definitely feel a pull as it enhances your lips size. Don't be scared, it's not that bad. Again I've had the worse experience with lip plumper and this doesn't even come close. You can purchase these lip glosses at Nordstrom, Amazon and

This concludes my very first round up here in the Beauty Test Kitchen. I hope you found these reviews helpful.

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