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A Menswear find in Andersonville

Thursday, January 29, 2015 tgoandco

A new menswear store gets top billing in my book. Chicago is a tough place to shop for fashion if you’re a guy. Finding styles that are not so basic can be a little bit of a challenge. Fresh on the scene is Notre. Brainchild of Michael Jaworoski, the store has been selling out stock as fast as it comes in. Jaworoski, formerly of Chicago’s Haberdash, has a keen eye on what Chicago men want to wear. He knows what styles and tastes that set Chicago men apart. He knows quality and sizing so he has populated his store with some very good brands and in sizes that don’t make you walk out empty handed.

The store offers a variety of clothing, accessories, footwear, luggage and bags. He even carries a line of porcelain that is custom made and designed for the shop. The shop is located at 5202 North Clark Street — up in Andersonville. The store has a feeling of a smaller and more intimate Zara. It is modern, slightly rugged touch and smells heavenly thanks to as extensive line of candles and apothecary/grooming products. Jaworoski has tried to be as complete as possible in giving a modern man everything he needs without having to slosh around the city in the snow to find it.

Items that Catch the Eye

Many of the product lines that are carried in the store are small independent designers. Many of these designers have a fresh take on fashion and produce stunning items that make you drool. The designers with whom Jaworoski carries, he has made a personal relationship with.  Each product line is essentially made by a friend whom the quality he can trust. The brands are solid and stylish. They won’t fall apart and will last stylishly more than a season. Many of them are also made in the US — some thing which is quite rare in today’s fashion world. Because of those warm relationships that Jaworoski has developed, he is able to ask for special items to be made especially for the store or for exclusive items in limited quantities or editions. The designers love to do this too. They can try out new designs before rolling them out to a larger audience. The retail store becomes their incubator.

One item that he carries is a large stash of is 3Sixteen jeans. The jeans are made of very high quality, selvedge-woven denim from Okayama, Japan. The jeans are constructed and made in the US with gunmetal riveted construction and a traditional 5-pocket design. They have been rinsed so they are soft to the touch but will look better with age and wearing. They have not been pre-distressed so they take on the shape and feel of the wearer over time. They are jeans that are built to last to last… and if ordered online, they come with free shipping.  And yes, I said FREE.

And I also said website. Notre has a very large and extensive website. The site also has incredible sales. When they mark things down, they don’t put a sale on with measly twenty percent. They blow things out the store with an incredible discount and price them to move. And they do. This is a store that turns merchandise at an incredible rate. If you like something, you had better buy it. The merchandise runs from the designers are small, so the items tend to be on the exclusive side… but without the exclusively high markup of say… Gucci or Dior.

Time for Something Special.

Valentines is coming up. If you’re thinking about something special for the love of your life, check out the exclusive array of watches by Astor+Banks.  These lovely works of art are the finest handmade watches one can get for the price. Usually a handmade watch is a luxury that costs over a couple thousand. These lovely beauties start in the $500 range.  Astor+Banks watches are hand-made time pieces that are made here in Chicago. The cases are made of 316L Stainless Steel and come with a scratch resistant, sapphire crystal. The crystal has an anti-reflective coating on both sides so it is virtually invisible. The guts of them are Swiss chronograph quartz movements. They are perfect for a man who prefers to wear a watch that makes a statement. Let’s face it — everyone has a smart phone right? The watch is a men’s personal piece of jewelry. Get something that is truly unique and says something other than its time to bolt.

Bags are an accessory that is an essential and practical gift for Valentines. Notre carries a couple brands that will cause one to stop and stare. Both are American made and are exquisitely finished. Filson is a bag produced out of Seattle. They are known for making a variety of styles in heavyweight, water repellent Tin Cloth and Mackinaw Wool from Michigan. Filson is an old company — founded in 1897. They make rugged and dependable designs with many of their bags being well equipped with a variety of specialty pockets, snap closures and interiors that are fully lined. The bags come with a lifetime guarantee. This is sort of a WOW thing for me as I can’t tell you how many bags I have replaced… and again, they come with FREE shipping should you order them online. The other line of bags is from MAKR of Florida. A small and independent provider, these backpacks are each individually designed by the owner Jason Gregory. The bags are practical, lovingly made and sell out quickly as they are really sharply designed.
Some of the other brand Notre carries are: Robert Geller, Band of Outsiders, Chicago Candle Co. Masami Porcelain, Officine Generale, Simon Miller, Visvim and Wings+Horns. It is worth a visit to check out the store or website. You can find the site at The store is open nightly until 8:00 and on Sundays until 6:00. It is located just North of Foster on the West side of Clark.

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