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World Vision Gift Catalog

Tuesday, December 16, 2014 Olivia Lemley

The streets are swarming with generosity this season! Join the bandwagon to a fuller life. World Vision is a popular way to give back to the community. We aren't talking small scale here...This charitable option is available right in Chicago to help those in need worldwide!
Just last year, Chicago donors' generosity was unbelievable, reaching $792,449! What an outstanding way to show your compassion this holiday season.

Bring a little culture to your style with accessories from The World Vision Catalog. These handcrafted gifts are available here.

Colors of Asia Necklace: This handmade necklace is made of mixed glass beads with ancient techniques. Here, a contemporary design is made while also preserving the rich 500 year history of Indian jewelry. The proceeds from each piece supply a year's worth of books, uniforms, and shoes for children affected by natural disasters. The jewelry has supported 13,000 children in Southern India.

Thai Bracelet: This statement bracelet was designed in a project that protects vulnerable girls from exploitation and help those who weren't blessed with help, like Chanty, recover. Chanty was a 12 year old orphan who was tricked, abused, and sold into prostitution. After finally escaping such a life, she found the World Vision Trauma Recovery Center for counseling and loving support as she learned skills to be self-sufficient.

The World Vision Catalog offers a variety of gifts this season. Find the perfect present while funding charities around the world!

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