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Weekend Libations - Bonfire Wines

Saturday, December 13, 2014 Jen Lezan

You've heard of wine in a box, but what about wine in a pouch? Typically, the box kind of wine has certain associations with it about it's quality and uncouth drinkers. Certainly a pouch wine can't be much cooler or can it? Bonfire Wines is breaking the mold for the modern millennial wine drinker. It is a brand that is all about the experience. They want to connect with the doers not the talkers. CEO Eric Steigelman states, "We live for the “Bonfire” experiences in life – like doing the things you love and sharing moments with friends and family. Bonfire experiences can happen at any time, because life does not wait and neither do you." As a brand that is connecting with young millennials, it has a lot to offer. Yet, millenials have a lot of expectations like a good product, a transparent company and a brand that stands for something. How does Bonfire play up to those expectations?

Steigelman got his start in the packaging design industry. So, it's no surprise that Bonfire's packaging is modern, sleek and on point. Eric's goal was to create a new brand of wine that offered convenience and sustainability unlike anything else on the market. Thus, the pouch. They use highly sustainable packaging that has fewer raw materials, less Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and an improved product-to-package ratio. Overall Bonfire's packaging creates 80% less carbon footprint than the equivalent glass bottle. So, you're doing some good while enjoying good wine. Eric works hand in hand with Kevin McGuire, a wine expert who began his wine career in 1975. He has served in posts ranging from winemaker to director of technical services to general manager at vineyards and wineries throughout California’s Sonoma and Napa Valley regions. Kevin is responsible for Bonfire’s sourcing, finishing, and continued quality assurance. He ensures customers get the best tasting wine possible.

So, one might wonder how does a pouch hold up to the typical glass wine bottle? Well, pretty damn awesome. The Bonfire Wine Pouch protects natural flavors using several layers of high performance FDA approved (BPA free) materials designed to preserve the quality and care that goes into crafting each Bonfire wine. It's a modern take on a traditional drink. As you pour, the package deflates, minimizing exposure to oxygen and extending the freshness up to four weeks after opening. What's even better? Each pouch is the equivalent of two bottles of wine. 

The wines definitely lived up to their hype when I tried them. The Bonfire brand carries two wines: Ember and Ignite. Ember is a medium bodied red blend and has a smooth and fruity taste to it. It is a California blend of Petite Sirah & Granache. As someone who doesn't always like reds, this was very easy and enjoyable to version to drink. It paired nicely with a dinner of steak and and veggies one weekend. Then there is ignite. Ignite is a California blend of Muscat & Gew├╝rztraminer. This was by far one of the better white wines I have enjoyed in a while. It was bright and refreshing as I chilled it prior to trying it. It has a sweet taste and doesn't leave any bitter after taste. It has hints of peach cobbler, lychee, and grape. So good you guys! 

Ok, so Bonfire makes a good wine, they're being transparent and responsible with their manufacturing, but what about standing for something? Well, that's where the water vest comes in. Bonfire is a brand with a conscious that is set on doing some good in the world. Made from the same materials as their wine pouch, Bonfire designed and created the world’s first water vest made for safe transport of clean drinking water. 1 out of 9 people lack access to clean drinking water. Each case of Bonfire Wines holds 9 liters of wine. Each water vest holds 9 liters of water.

For every case of Bonfire Wines sold, the company donates proceeds to make a water vest for someone in need.They brought their first commercial vests this year to to a town located about 30 minutes outside of Port Au Prince, Haiti called Corail (pronounced "Co-rye"). The village relocated after an earthquake. They currently partner with Surge for water, a Chicago based organization. SURGE is a U.S. 501(c)3 non profit organization that improves access to clean, safe water for life.

So, there is a lot to like about Bonfire. They make good wine and they do good things. As your holiday parties and dinners roll around, why not pick up a pouch of Bonfire and share the goodness. Your purchase is also doing some good for those less fortunate and helping people who don't have access to clean water gain access to the clean water they deserve. Kudos Bonfire, Kudos!

Jen Lezan - Editor in chief

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