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Sunday, December 21, 2014 Tariq Al saud

It's the count down. Less than 10 days until the end of 2014 and a happy New Year. In reviewing 2014, one can say it was an emotional year for many people around the world. The aspects of the planets caused a lot of struggles. 

People around the globe faced a lot of pain and discovered a lot of unusual facts. 2014 witnessed many famous people and celebrities passing away around the world. There seemed to be a rise in the number of people where cancer was the major disease. Religious wars, blood baths, ISIS and Ebola were the most horrible takers of life. With the beginning of October 2014, there was a bit of an easing, we felt better and were more able to achieve our goals.

Ciao to the Negative Aspects. 

Let's be clear: 2015 is a promising year for most of the horoscopes. The major planets' aspect will be good. These aspects will bring a lot of good opportunities to most of the astrological signs. Change is the big word in 2015. Since 2008 the horoscopes had entered into a strange astrological cycle period. Some planets cycle through the universe and the horoscope very quickly. The moon is a good example as it cycles in the horoscope calendar in approximately 29 days. Others planets move very slowly through the horoscope cycle. These are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. They can be extremely slow movers to complete a cycle with cycles that can last many years. During their movements, they make different angles or aspects with the other planets in the galaxy. Because of the slow moving cycles and these negative aspects/angles, we entered a period of negative energy. This affected many folks' astrological signs with negativity like poverty, illness and overwhelming stress issues on many fronts. People had overwhelming changes affecting their lives, relationships and careers. They had to downshift into harder times. This changes brought many challenges and struggles on many levels. In the second half of 2014, much of that changed. Some of the slower moving planets came into alignment making things more comfortable for us. There will be some great results we expect to see in 2015.

Here is a sneak peak of what you can look forward too in the upcoming first quarter of the next year. I have been doing three signs a week (in Astrological order) to end out the old year and send out the positive energy. Don't see your sign? Check the previous two weeks post or look to next week to see the final three signs of the Astrological calendar. The first week's signs were Aries, Taurus and Gemini. The second week, we talked about Cancer, Leo and Virgo. This wee, I will talk about the horoscopes of Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. Next week, I will end with the signs Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.


After years of struggling and suffering on many levels especially in family affairs, now it is the time to open up to the light again. Embrace the change of the year. This is crucial in building momentum and putting the year on solid ground. Jupiter will support you until August with many opportunities to achieve success. The first five months requires a lot of calm, cautious and prudent management of the affairs of your career. Personally and financially, you will need to show restraint and conservation. At the end of next year, it will end this period and you will feel a level of success and warmth will shine in the last three months. This momentum will carry you as march towards your new hopes and goals. Responsibilities will generate enthusiasm throughout this year. The planet (Uranus) will have stopped annoying you and the planet (Jupiter) promises happiness and profits. Improve your health and make that a goal. This year is suitable for building serious emotional links and convergences with loved ones.
You may receive the news of the absence of some friends or relatives meaning that you may need to say goodbye to love ones because of relocation to another country or town.  However, many opportunities will be available to you in this year to build new connections. You will feel the importance of the human relations. You may be linked to a relationship of confidentiality that can't be disclosed. It can be most promising on a personal level and will most likely occur in the months of January, April, June, August, September and November. These months of this year will carry you into an emotionally new atmosphere or fresh outlook. This year also carries a great chance to move to another location.


The most important news for this year is that the planet (Saturn) is out of your horoscope. Congratulations. This ends a long cycle of astronomical problems and disappointments. Regain the confidence and come back to life. Push forward in the months between mid-June and mid-September. You will be more involved and busy, particularly if you are a Scorpio who are born in the Third Circuit (12th of November through 21st of November). The effects during this time are mild but profound. You may get profits and attract career success during this time. This is a distinctive year for you to make opportunities happen with (Jupiter) being in Leo until August. You will be rewarded with a personal triumph over an obstacle. This positive energy will carry you the last three months of the year. Look for a fortunate or pleasant surprise during this tail end of the year.
Emotionally, you may leave a serious romance when someone new enters your life and or you decide to marry. Officially you may build links to those who cheer the heart. This is most likely in the months of June or October as you may develop a new path. This is the opportunity to meet someone who may change your life's trajectory. If you suffered from the absence of departure during the year, you will get the chance again in September. The last three months are wonderful, emotional and familial levels. Without any doubt, that this year is much better than the previous three years combined.


This is an extraordinary change in the train track of your life. You reach the end of astronomical cycle and it contains many new beginnings. Another new cycle will begin a new and impressive period. Saturn enters your sign. This will make you go through some trials and change directions. Confusion and changes may arise. You will discover that they came to your advantage. But Saturn will warn you to be cautious of recklessness decisions or deliberate non-financial advantageous investments. Be aware of hasty investment operations, financial liars, thieves and robbers. This will have a long term affect on you mentally and the investment is not worth the risk. A trilogy of planets  (Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter) will be working significantly in your future and are important thing to consider in your life this year. New projects and activities arrive unexpectedly. Jupiter is in Leo until August and provides opportunities for travel and movement. You may live abroad or have opportunities that offer an international perspective. You will take over the center of public responsibilities. March will be a crossroads in your life. Around August 11th, you have to pay attention and avoid lapses in judgment to avoid recklessness. You will face challenges much in the month of October. This can have effects that last until conditions change in the December.
Expect a large wave of popularity until the fall season of the year. You may evaluate unconventional relationships or decide to marry a glance. Between June and October, you will generate a great love in your life.

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