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Happy New Year 2015 to Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces ..

Friday, January 30, 2015 Tariq Al saud

Hasta la buh bye 2014. With 2015 around the corner, it is time to look at the last few predictions for the horoscopes for next year. We have been going through the horoscope signs this month. We are now up to Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.
2014 was an emotional year with aspects of the planets causing a lot of negative energy for people. People around the globe faced a lot of pain and discovered a lot of unusual facts. With the beginning of October 2014, there was a bit of an easing and the planets will be more in alignment for achieving our goals for the next year.

2015 is a promising year for most of the horoscopes. The major planets' aspect will be good. These aspects will bring a lot of good opportunities to most of the astrological signs. Change is the big word in 2015. Since 2008 the horoscopes had entered into a strange astrological cycle period. Some planets cycle through the universe and the horoscope very quickly. The moon is a good example as it cycles in the horoscope calendar in approximately 29 days. Others planets move very slowly through the horoscope cycle. These are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. They can be extremely slow movers to complete a cycle with cycles that can last many years. During their movements, they make different angles or aspects with the other planets in the galaxy. Because of the slow moving cycles and these negative aspects/angles, we entered a period of negative energy. This affected many folksÕ astrological signs with negativity like poverty, illness and overwhelming stress issues on many fronts. People had overwhelming changes affecting their lives, relationships and careers. They had to downshift into harder times. This changes brought many challenges and struggles on many levels. In the second half of 2014, much of that changed. Some of the slower moving planets came into alignment making things more comfortable for us. There will be some great results we expect to see in 2015. Let take a look at the last three signs. If you don't see your sign, look to the previous three weeks. December posts have centered around the forecasts for next year.


2015 is the year of liberation and divergences. The year will take you to a much better situation than you have known in the past years. A lot of positive power will support you. The work place or travel situations will open new doors in front of you. But you may have in the first few months to face some obstacles. These months are April and May will open the doors wide in front of you and bring profit and success. The events of May will occupy the center in the summer. You may go on a mission or get unexpected windfalls financially in the form of a return in the fall.
The best emotional period will fall in the months of August. Summer comes and renews love in distinctive and unusual relationships. The month of October promises sweet prospects but also fateful encounters. December is very bright on a personal level. The conditions are right for you to open a new page or to restore an old friendship. You will start a privileged relationship at the end of the year.


Astrological influences are very strong this year. You can expect to get rid of some pressures. Saturn stood in your settlement for more than two years and now will bring positive omens. With the exception of Jupiter in your orbit (which you will experience until August), you have to avoid conflicts with some of the official, political and religious authorities. Exposure to these entities will give you much struggle. Steer clear for a while. Expect a new path to emerge as some changes are coming your way starting from the middle of the month of February until the of March. With regards to work, give your best in the month of June and also in three last quarter of the year. This sows seeds for new promises and pleasant surprises in the form of rewards and recognition in the 2016.
Emotionally, you may tend to duplication in your relationships. There is a replication of patterns and emotional suffering from a disease dealing with your partner. Expect a collapse of their temper. There may be a standing of one's ground that occur that prompts or forces resolutions with issues of respect. This year may give you a contractual link with eminent persons when Venus is in place. This is most beneficial with persons who are a Leo in the summer. This may result in a great love for those born in Aquarius and maybe even marriage. Someone will trigger strong emotions on a date with you Ð this includes love or translated in a birth. Talking about the universe unconventional relationships, a romantic atmosphere is well suited in the first of January where the planet of love (Venus) is in your horoscope and its influence stays for a while in late February through mid-March. May calls for love to grow silently, but the last three months will end in a positive coup.


The year enters with great challenges and hard work. It requires you to work with sophistication and skill to overcome difficulties. This work will continue through brunt of the summer. Expect messages from the universe at the appropriate times and warn you negative periods. In other words, use your psychic nature to your best advantage and heed the intuition. Pay attention to your health and to abide by the rules in terms of safety especially starting from the month of September and into the autumn. The entry of Jupiter into the horoscope of Virgo in the month of August brings surprises as they impact you. This includes talks about contracts/agreements and commitments outside the country. In the month of July there may be opportunities for you to be noticed in a really positive and time appropriate manner. It must be pointed out that these effects are more concerned for who are born in the first circle January 19th to January 29th, while it looks very light on others.
Make some important decisions on a personal level. Do not push back things to the back burner. Your timing and involvement is import for your wishes to carry you to new directions. In the beginning of the summer and well into autumn, timing is good for recording weddings and happy occasions in your life. The timing is right to meet new people and find your dream love at first sight in February or May. The year ends in a very seductive way in December when Venus influences Scorpio. There will be new promises of peace and harmony with those Pisces that are involved with a Scorpio.

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