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2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Monday, December 08, 2014 Brittany Lohmann

The holidays are upon us. In between all of the parties with friends and family gatherings, you’ll need to do some shopping. Make it easy on yourself and purchase one of these gifts for your favorite fitness buff or to inspire your friends and family to take up a more active lifestyle in 2015.  

For the yogi...

·         Journal:  Give your yogi a peace of mind with a place to gather and reflect on his or her thoughts.

·         Tea & Tea Kettle: After yoga practice, it is customary to drink tea as a segue back into one’s normal routine. A cute tea kettle and different parts of tea will help your yogi warm up and prepare for the day ahead.

·         Mat: Whether your yogi practices Hatha, Bikram, Power, or a different kind of yoga, there are a number of different mats one can choose from to best suit his or her practice.

·         Bag: A cute bag is always appreciated when carrying your yoga mat to and from class.

For the weightlifter...

·         Wrist Wraps: Add some style to your weightlifter’s regimen and protect their wrists at the same time.

·         Knee Sleeves: Keep those knees warm with some knee sleeves. Your weightlifter’s squat will thank you for it.

·         Olympic Weightlifting Shoes: Provide your lifter with a little bit of stability in 2015 with some new shoes.

·         Belt. Whether it is leather, nylon, contoured or straight, a weightlifting belt will encourage good lifting practices and good form into the New Year.

For the endurance athlete...

·         Compression socks. Not only will compression socks keep your long distance runner warm, but they’ll keep their legs from swelling – aiding in their recovery.  

·         Shades: Whether they’re on the trails or the road, some new shades will help them go the distance.

·         GPS Watch: Help your endurance athlete track and record all of his workouts through the rest of the year and well into the years to come.

·        Cold weather gear: Some additional base layers will help keep your athlete warm throughout the cold winter months ahead.

For the sweaty generalist...

·         Activity Tracker: Let your exercise buff know just how much he or she is doing throughout the day with an activity tracker.

·         Recovery Kit: For some additional help after those especially tough workouts, purchase a foam roller and other tools to aid your athlete’s recovery.

·         Gym bag: Whether you go with the traditional duffel or something a little more discreet, a new gym bag will help your sweaty generalist keep all his or her gear together and ready for when it’s time to hit the gym.

·         Gym Membership: If your exercise enthusiast is looking to try a new class (or your friend is looking to get back into the exercise groove) a new gym membership will help both their figure and their January budget. 

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