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Lost Girls Vintage Storefront Grand Opening

Saturday, November 22, 2014 Perry

What once was lost has now been found!  Chicago's favorite mobile vintage shop, Lost Girls has found a new, stationary home at Modern Cooperation.  This Pilsen store front is home to locally made goods from more than 85 individual vendors, including clothing, home goods, and jewelry.  With their latest expansion, Modern Cooperation has partnered with Sarah Azzouzi and Kyla Embrey of Lost Girls to offer a one-of-a-kind, collection of clothing and accessories in a vintage pop-up store.  "We wanted this space to be a highly curated collection of our very current, favorite pieces," said Embrey. 

Owner of Modern Cooperative, Tiffany Paige is not only passionate about bringing creatives together in one space, but also the unique neighborhood of Pilsen, which she calls home.  "It's a little rough around the edges, which I like," said Paige.  "We don't have a lot of chains or big things.  It's a lot of local, family owned businesses.  I love this neighborhood!  I literally wouldn't live anywhere else."

Appropriately adorned with sparkly, vintage outfits, Lost Girls celebrated the grand opening of their new space on Saturday, November 15th.  We joined in the celebrations, sipping on mimosas, and talked shop with Sarah and Kyla. 

Halfstack Magazine:  A major symbol of Lost Girls is the bright orange chevron pattern, consistent throughout your branding and caravan of vehicles, Winnie and Minni.  What was the inspiration behind this now iconic pattern?

Kyla:  Sarah really wanted the chevron and I really wasn't sold on it at first.  I felt like it might be too trendy and in a year we may regret the decision, but she felt really strongly about it being this classic, iconic design. 

Sarah:  Well, we were talking about what prints we liked and I really liked chevron and we really didn't feel strongly about any other pattern.

Kyla: Yeah, houndstooth would have been way to difficult to execute!  

Sarah: Can you imagine painting everything houndstooth?!

HS:  What inspired Lost Girls to make the jump from being exclusively mobile to now a store front?

Sarah:  We are both continuously like "What's next?  What else can we do?".

Kyla: We have done a lot of collaborations with Modern Co-op and it makes sense.  We have a complimentary customer base, so when they had an opportunity to expand and they asked us if we wanted to be a part of it, we said, "absolutely".

HS:  How did Lost Girls get its start?

Kyla:  We were both selling vintage separately, at different markets around the city and got to know each other.  We had a few weekends where there weren't markets going on, so we were like, we don't need to wait for other people to do our thing, so we started doing our own pop-ups. 

Sarah: We were looking to get a trailer originally, but neither of us had a car.

Kyla:  I had a scooter!  That was our only mode of transportation. 

Sarah:  And then one day, I was just searching on Craigslist and I was like, "Oh my God...Oh my God!  I found one! I found it!".  I was freaking out and I called Kyla like thirty times!  I sent the email, they emailed me back like an hour later and I was like seriously freaking out, because I knew it was the one.  It was a 1976...she is a 1976 and they had just driven her up from Georgia.

Kyla: And I am from Georgia!  But the best part was that one of the guys who owned it, his dad runs the largest Salvation Army store in all of the Midwest and that's where it was parked and we were like, "Oh my God!  It's already at a thrift store!"

Sarah:  She was so little and perfect, and we didn't even take her for a test drive.  We were just like, this is it!

HS:  Is your storefront where people will primarily be able to find you this winter?

Kayla: Yes!  We are also looking into traveling more and being more selective with the indoor markets and pop-ups that we do.  We'll still be out there on the road and moving around.

Sarah:  I think one of our goals is just to be able to travel more and having a stationary shop will actually help us be able to do that.

HS:  What's next for Lost Girls?

Sarah: Sleep!

Kayla: Yes!  We haven't really done a lot of that in the last two weeks.  But I am just really excited to be in this neighborhood, specifically.  I love Pilsen!  The community is great, there a lot of other vintage oriented businesses down here and everyone is so welcoming.  We have been pleased to find that everyone has been welcoming us with open arms. 

For more information about Lost Girls, tour dates and inventory, check out their website!

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