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Beauty Test Kitchen - At Home Spa/November Faves

Monday, November 10, 2014 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

When it comes to the at-home spa, I have some suggested essentials to keep on hand. You don't  have to go to the salon for pampering, you can do it at home on a relatively low budget and still give yourself the TLC and attention you deserve. I think the first thing that comes to mind for relaxation is a massage or something to soothe the aches and pains.

This is where products like Dr. Teal's come into play.  Dr. Teal's has a great line of rosemary mint Epsom salt and foaming bath soaking solutions. They rosemary and mint essential oils help to relax and unwind. The magnesium sulfate (the compound found in the salts) help to release tension and revitalize tired and achy muscles. You can pick them up at Walmart here or visit to learn more!

When I think about the spa, I am instantly reminded of smells. Clean, fresh smelling soaps and lotions just add to the luxury I am trying to replicate at home. H20Plus is one of my favorite brands for this type of product. Their Sea Results anti-aging line smells wonderful and is great for you. It's a sulfate-free product line that helps prevent visible signs of aging and moisturizes for a nourished and supple feel to your skin. I featured the shower gel, body whip, micro-polish and hand cream in this roundup. is another great brand we featured in this months roundup. All of the products they carry are all nature and/or organic. They also make sure to only stock products that aren't tested on animals. Their pumpkin chai shampoo and conditioner set is a great addition to your bathroom for a product that smells amazing and can aid in relaxation. The shampoo and conditioner definitely helped in the moisturizing department for my dry locks. They also have an amazing geranium rose balm that you can use on key dry spots like knees and elbows.

Another addition we would suggest is the spa sonic skincare system. This is one of our top selects for the spa-like feel right in your own bathroom. Rather than paying for a pricey facial, you can utilize a product like this system and it will aid in creating a healthy skin care ritual with results similar to what you would receive at a spa. What we found to be the best feature is that it is not just a facial sonic brush. Rather, it is an all encompassing multi functional tool for you to use. It's isn't just for the face, but also includes a total of 4 brushes that range in use from your whole body to pumice stones you can use to buff away rough spots on your feet, knees and elbows. The brushes offer a deep clean that helps to get the gunk and oil out of your pores gently, but effectively. All in all a great multi-functional tool at a great price. Definitely a must have!

Often, people tend to think they won't be able to replicate what professionals do at the spa or salon at home. Yet, the reality is that we can if we have the right tools. If you have ever had airbrush makeup, you will understand you can get a flawless looking complexion, but with it comes a hefty price tag. Well, the Color Me Automatic Foundation Applicator is your go-to device for an airbrushed look for a fraction of the price. This device cuts your application time in half and is easy and to use! It comes with 2 applicator sponges: one for liquid and one for powder. Color Me sponges are latex free, hypoallergenic and disposable; replacement recommended after 7 uses, but you can extend the life of the sponges by washing after each use. You can pick it up at ULTA.

PUR Minerals liquid veil 4 in 1 foundation is another great product that can help you get flawless coverage right at home. It is a skin boosting foundation that protects and moisturizes. It is lightweight and gives even, beautiful coverage. You can pick this up at ULTA.

Finally, our last product for our at home spa/November Faves are the EVO Love Perpetua Shine Drops. This is hair heaven in a bottle. After you finish styling, you can get that salon look on lock just by adding a drop of this product in your hair. It is perfect for dry hair. It's a glossing liquid that helps seal the cuticle and polishes your look after you style! It gives you that straight from the salon shine you always wanted. 

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