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An Evening at Marion Street Market

Sunday, November 09, 2014 Perry

It all started with a trolly ride. We boarded the party vehicle with excited hesitation. Where exactly were we going? Like most Chicagoans, I usually don't leave the limits of the city, for a very good reason. But, this adventure seemed promising enough.

Aboard the trolly, we were served fall punch, hot chocolate and a selection of appetizers by a delightful staff of ladies with an impressive sense of balance. We drove along through the city until the landscape changed from tall buildings to shorter ones.

We arrived at our destination just as dusk was turning into night. The sign of the quaint brick building was glowing, as if welcoming us all. It read, Marion Street Cheese Market.

Inside the market, we were welcomed by the wonderful scent of cheese, meats, and baked goods, as well as, by friendly staff offering a glass of wine. Located at 100 S Marion Street in Oak Park, Marion Street market specializes in culinary creativity. More than just cheese, the market also offers locally made goods, a full-service deli, and a bistro. Head chef and partner, Steve Chiappetti, is looking forward to the possibility of the addition of a bakery at the market. This expansion would provide a larger variety of baked goods and customized orders.

Live music and unbelievably delicious tastings were enjoyed all evening. My favorite small bite was a gouda ball with a chimichurri sauce. I also enjoyed a tasting of red wine by Folkway and Fiction. Overall, It was a wonderful evening for the senses!

Our bellies full, our glasses empty, and our hearts happy with the community of people we had met, myself and my trolly companions made our way back home. Back to the city we knew. But, this time it's boarders seemed that much more faded.

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