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Winter Wardrobe Checklist by Jay Alexander

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 Olivia Lemley

Getting bored of your same old winter clothes...year after year? Jay Alexander has come out with great tips and essentials for your closet this winter. It may be time to spice up your look with new styles that do NOT break the bank. 

Jay Alexander has been working in retail, in the U.S and internationally, for 20 years. This intense experience is what led him to be picked the Senior Style Advisor for Prior to being a part of the team at, he was a buyer for women’s shoes. I held an interview with this famous fashionista pertaining to his winter wardrobe checklist. There are three headlines to pinpoint for this winter...

1.) Everything Cozy & Layered: Who doesn’t love to be warm and cozy during the frigid winters? This winter it is all about the layering. Knits are best to be comfortably combined. It is as easy as picking out your favorite coat to go over that soft sweater! Top this look off with suede boots along with a fringed handbag, and your style will be complete.

2.) Rock the Sporty Look: Jay Alexander wouldn’t dare leave out the men this season! He adores neutral or gray cardigan sweaters matched with a dark denim. If you’re not a sweater type of guy, there’s always the option of a Colombia jacket over a plaid button up. 

3.) Holiday Dressing Tips: Time to bring out your best for the holidays! Dresses with shine--not sparkle--would be perfect for the occasion. Wanting to add in some sparkle? Of course, throw the bling into your outfit with your shoes or clutch. Make sure you don’t forget to leave your everyday coat in the closet! Special dresses call for beautiful coats. An option to be raved about is a long white coat to finalize your classy look.

Many times it is forgotten that accessories can change your whole outfit. A dress one day can be suiting for a lunch out with the family AND perfect for a night out in the city. Pick and choose combos of boots, handbags, and jewelry to fit the event. is a great and affordable website for women, men, and children. There is an abundance of featured brands. Each and every day there are sales of 30-70% off as well as free shipping. Are you thinking this is too good to be true? Get online and check it out!

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