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Friday, October 31, 2014 Olivia Lemley

There’s nothing better than fashion that gives back. Twillory is the latest menswear e-tailor brand of dress shirts. Not only is this new company providing everyday outfits for business men, but they have also joint forces with CareerGear. This partnership is what began their campaign, RE:PURPOSE. 

How does it work? This luxury menswear company provides online ordering. Every Twillory shirt bought online comes with a pre-paid mailer bag upon delivery. The buyer can then send any old dress shirts they would like to donate to CareerGear. This system is absolutely hassle free! There are no extra shipping and handling costs for the donator to send back a shirt. This process is easy while also leaving you with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Am I right?

What does CareerGear exactly do? Every donated shirt goes to the homeless, jobless, disaster stricken men out there. This organization is committed to helping these underprivileged men to find jobs. Providing professional clothing helps their interview by not only improving their appearance, but also confidence. To assist further, mentoring and life-skills are available to increase their chances of finding gainful employment. This partnership looks to be set for the long-run! Hundreds of shirts have already been donated, and this is only the start.

For all the men out there, Twillory is a store where you CANNOT go wrong. There will be NO look of disgust when you come home to the special women in your life to show them your latest purchase. Your fiancĂ© will not be tempted to run out the door. Your sister will not be afraid to be seen with you. Your mother will not think she raised a crazy man with no sense of style. Twillory contains the loved classics and top styles that are to be shown off. There is a plentiful variety to fit the events of your busy schedules. 

Checklist: 1.) Buy a shirt perfect to your style and needs. 
                2.) Enjoy the philanthropy.
THAT’S how simple donating can be. 

The Founder of Twillory, Asher Weinberger, comes from a non-profit background. He gave a statement that really imprinted in my mind. 
"We thought long and hard about our charitable initiative. We wanted to galvanize our community, and have our customers actively engage in the giving process. It’s one thing when the company donates on your behalf. It’s another when the responsibility is passed along to the purchaser. When two people interact, something good should happen for a third person. That’s what Re:Purpose is all about. It’s so much more meaningful for the Twillory man to pick out an old shirt hanging in the back of his closet that he will never wear again, and know that it is going to a man in need.”
The passion of the company is blatantly shown in this quote. Helping those less fortunate is beautiful and can simply be done. 
A refreshing feature has been used. As contrast to other menswear companies, Twillory designs 
and crafts their very own fabrics. Doing so brings premium quality to the brand name while still providing great prices. Never to fear, your wallets will stay intact! Most other clothing companies get their fabric from the few major fabric mills. This brings Twillory to the spotlight.

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