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Sparta in Illinois...The Spartan Race

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 Stella Quimby

The Spartan Sprint and Super race brought the legendary Sparta to Illinois. Well it wasn't like the movie 300, but it did bring forth many super athletes from our great state to compete in this extraordinarily difficult obstacle race. The Spartan Super (which was the one we had our contributing writer Dylan compete in) consisted of 8 miles and between 20-30 obstacles. This race, unlike others such as the Gladiator, requires strength, agility and speed to make it through.

So which types of obstacles did the Spartan Super race offer their victims, oops, meant challengers? There was a javelin throw (yes I was surprised there weren't any casualities), swimming across puddles, lifting boulders and carrying them, rope climbs from water, crazy monkey bars and much more. " The Spartan had a good variety of challenges" Dylan stated. Also if you couldn't complete a challenge, unlike the real Spartans where you literally would be killed, here you had to complete 30 burpees. Our writer, Dylan, had 2 failures so he endured 60 burpees. His nemesis, the javelin throw and the rope climbing out of water.

Other than the unique obstacle races and the burpee penalty, there is a team work social aspect to these races. People help strangers out, creating a fun atmosphere that is non competitive except for against yourself. Out of a rating from 1-10, 10 being the absolute best score for a race, our writer rated the Spartan Super at a 8. He recommends this race to anyone who wants a challenge. It is a unique challenge and great for versatile athletes since the terrain is all over the place.

So interested in competing in the next Spartan race? Check them out here, they have many upcoming races but you must hurry now, since space IS limited!!!

Thank you to contributing writer Dylan Diesing for taking on this challenge for us!!!

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