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Thursday, October 09, 2014 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Creatives know all too well the challenge of building your brand.  You may have the best music in the world, a truly innovative new clothing line, or a studio full of amazing artwork, but if no one knows about it, achieving your creative dreams will be even more of an uphill struggle than it already is.   That is where Dexter Martin comes in.  Dexter is the founder of 4 D PR Strategies, a boutique public relations firm that represents small to mid-sized brands.  They specialize in clients in the fashion, lifestyle, and creative arts sectors.  4D PR Strategies can help creative with service specialties such as media relations and training, strategic sponsorships /partnerships, and brand creative services.

Dexter left his job as an analyst in the banking industry to pursue something more personally satisfying.  He was a good writer, a great listener, a consumer of media news, and experienced in helping clients develop workable business strategies.  After a series of “informational interviews”, Dexter decided to use his skills and passion for helping others to start 4 D PR Strategies.   His first project was to provide PR and promotion support for a new bed & breakfast company in the Andersonville neighborhood.  “After working on this first project, I knew I had made the right decision,” he says.

He believes his business background is unique benefit to his clients.  Dexter prides himself in helping clients clarify their strategic focus into an implementable plan.  For most of his clients, the creative side is their primary focus.  Dexter helps his clients keep their creative focus while incorporating key business strategies.  He strives to continually offer value to his clients to help them achieve their creative dreams.

One project, Dexter is particularly fond of is his work with the Chicago International Social Change Film Festival.  He used his personal passion for this project to land several major sponsors, such as Whole Foods, for the festival.  The sponsors not only provided financial support, but also significant credibility to the festival.

More recently, Dexter has expanded his business to include Hotspot Radio Show with Dexter.   He uses the radio show to focus on a variety of current topics with guests who may offer a different perspective than that found in the main stream media.   For example, during one recent show, Dexter’s guest was a chiropractor who discussed the value of alignments but also the benefits of chiropractic treatment on digestion.   Dexter’s ultimate goal is to develop and offer media content under the 4D Media umbrella, providing clients with production support, sponsorship, and overall marketing of their unique content.  You can check out Hotspot Radio Show with Dexter at  The Hot Spot Radio Show w/ Dexter Link

You can learn more about 4D PR Strategies at or call (312) 988-7183.
Written by: Louis Vasseur - Small Business/Music/Creative Guest Blogger

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