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Old Fashion is in Style

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 Olivia Lemley

It is just too easy to dream of the days when you would get a handwritten invitation, note, and (for all my romantics out there) love letters. Luxe Craft Paper Co. is bringing it back with modern style. The two sisters running this communication revolution have fashion cards, mini envelopes, gift tags, and more ready for you!

Handwritten letters aren't just for the hipsters...join the craze at the Luxe Craft Paper Workshop this Saturday, the 25th, at 520 N Kingsburg St in Chicago, on the 8th floor lounge. From 2-4 pm you can be crafting 5 cards and 5 envelopes using decorative papers. The end product is beyond cute... I have to hand it to the Gennace sisters for the originality that makes me want to hang it on my wall! This workshop is an opportunity to embrace the fashion and Italian influences.

Come be inspired, and let those creative juices flow. Think how refreshing it is to get an envelope in the mail...not a magazine issue...not spam...and definitely NOT bills! Add a little spice to your day; bring a pen-pal to the workshop to light up your days as you take your daily walk to the mailbox. 

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