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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Product Roundup

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

As you all most likely already know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  According to webMD - In its early stages, breast cancer usually has no symptoms. As a tumor develops, you may note the following signs:

  • A lump in the breast or underarm that persists after your menstrual cycle. This is often the first apparent symptom of breast cancer. Lumps associated with breast cancer are usually painless, although some may cause a prickly sensation. Lumps are usually visible on a mammogram long before they can be seen or felt.
  • Swelling in the armpit.
  • Pain or tenderness in the breast. Although lumps are usually painless, pain or tenderness can be a sign of breast cancer.
  • A noticeable flattening or indentation on the breast, which may indicate a tumor that cannot be seen or felt.
  • Any change in the size, contour, texture, or temperature of the breast. A reddish, pitted surface like the skin of an orange could be a sign of advanced breast cancer.
  • A change in the nipple, such as a nipple retraction, dimpling, itching, a burning sensation, or ulceration. A scaly rash of the nipple is symptomatic of Paget's disease, which may be associated with an underlying breast cancer.
  • Unusual discharge from the nipple that may be clear, bloody, or another color. It's usually caused by benign conditions but could be due to cancer in some cases.
  • A marble-like area under the skin.
  • An area that is distinctly different from any other area on either breast.
Due to this, it is so important to get an annual mammogram and take time to become familiar with your body! Also, remember this doesn't just affect women, breast cancer can and does affect men. It is important to educate yourselves on the stats and also it is empowering to see companies doing their part by donating to the cause. Which is why I wanted to round up some of Halfstack's favorite brands that are doing some good and participating in BCA Month. Check out our curated round up below. 

One of my favorite go-to products is Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula, which is some of the best skin therapy product on the market! I tried out some of their BCA branded products this month and not only do they smell great, they did wonders on my dry patches on my knees, elbows and beat up hands. The skin therapy oil is amazing to use at night! Just slather it on and, add some gloves to cover up your hands and when you wake up in the morning, your skin feels amazing.

The brand will be going “pink” once again for National Breast Cancer Awareness month: donating 15 percent of the sales price (with a minimum donation of $100,000) from specially-marked bottles of its core Cocoa Butter Formula products to Susan G. Komen® beginning October 2014 through June 2015.

Chicago based , The Lynn Sage Foundation, an organization committed to ļ¬nding a cure for breast cancer, and more than 150 Chicagoland establishments are helping to raise money for In Good Taste℠: A Breast Cancer Research Initiative. You can check out a listing of partnerships that the LSF has with some of Chicago's finest establishments on their website here. When you dine at participating locations, donations from designated food or drink items or $1/check will be donated to the Lynn Sage Scholars Program at Northwestern University.

Chicago lifestyle brand, PRSVR, recently expanded to a new location and in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month are releasing a Flamingo Work Boot. It's more than celebrity fashion, it's Fashion with a Focus, it is part of the Pink Foot Forward campaign.This year, their high-end sneaker gets the charitable treatment.PRSVR has pledged to donate 20% of each sale of the Camouflaged Flamingo Pink Work Boot to organizations including Bright Pink and Men Against Breast Cancer.  The Camouflaged Flamingo Pink Work Boot will be available in Boy's/Men's sizes 4-15, and may be purchased via and at various retailers nationwide. 

Julian Chang has teamed up with BCRF for the entire month of October where anything pink purchased from, is 20 % off - the proceeds (money saved)  will be donated to Breast Cancer Research Foundation by Julian Chang.

Emi-Jay - 20% of all profits will go to benefit the charity, Bright Pink, a national non-profit focused on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women. Emi-Jay was created by teenage entrepreneurs Emily and Julianne. Inspired by their passion for fashion, the two young girls set out to create quality, modern day hair ties.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, the fashion jewelry site is donating 25% of proceeds on the following pink accessories to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Inni, our favorite nail wrap, has designed five exclusive charity nail wraps that promote breast cancer awareness through the signature pink ribbon motif. By donating as little as $5 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation through (charity webpage launching later this week), consumers will receive the INNI Breast Cancer Awareness nail wrap design of their choice. 
**People may also go to the main Inni nails website (, search using the term BCA to choose a design, and put in the code BCA at checkout to contribute $5 (or more) to the Breast Cancer Research foundation.

The online clothing & accessories e-retailer  is donating 20% of the proceeds from their "pink" collection of items to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. 

During the month of October Lemon will be donating 25% of proceeds from this style to Lolly’s Locks (an organization that provides high quality wigs to cancer patients who cannot afford them).
Made from lush fabrics and durable leather soles these hand knitted slippers are perfect to wear while lounging.  Accented with feminine lace detailing and a pastel pink hue these slippers also make the perfect gift.  Featuring non-skid silicon grips this style retails for $40

Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff, an ophthalmologist for over 30 years, was moved by his beautiful wife Gayle to create a groundbreaking cosmetics brand, RevitaLash® Cosmetics.  Gayle became the inspiration for Dr. Brinkenhoff to innovate, create and deliver a collection of trusted cosmetic products that could help renew natural beauty. In fact, Gayle is credited with naming the brand, RevitaLash, once explaining the products revitalize the mind, body and spirit. Through philanthropic endeavors, the company proudly continues its focus on responsible and compassionate business practices, donating to non-profit breast cancer research and education initiatives and giving back to the community from which RevitaLash Cosmetics was born.

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