How do the planets affect us in Astrology?

Friday, October 31, 2014 Tariq Al saud

The planets affect our lives in person and also the general life of people, politics, economy, technology and many other things. Each planet stays and influences for different time periods. The small and nearby planets like Mercury, Venus and Mars stay for weeks in each horoscope. The larger or distant planets stay for years in each horoscope. This has them influence us for longer periods of time. They impact aspects of our lives and the angels among them. We will explain how they crash into our lives in in the near future. 


The Sun

The Sun represents individuality, self-determination and creative energy. It honors and also represents leadership and generosity. It starts our days at dawn and is about loving life. It is the ruler of Leo.

Currently, the sun now is in the month of the Scorpio till the 22nd of November. It gives Scorpios ambitions, energy and power. It amplifies their high sexual abilities as well as their will for revenge. The sun, when in their field, gives them extreme emotions and feelings. It can also bring out their jealous temperament.

The Moon

The Moon represents motherhood, children, romance, deep feelings and sentimentality over things past and life’s memories. It totally rules Cancer and is incredibly powerful. So powerful in fact, that the next article is completely on the moon. It moves so quickly from one horoscope to another and takes only 2 days and few hours to stay mesmerized by its power.


Mercury represents communication skills, social activities, short terms of study, neighborhood alliances, relatives and friends. It’s influence is felt in quick travels and has the ability to make one nervous. Gemini falls under its rule.

Right now, Mercury now is influencing the Libra. It will stay there till the 6th of the upcoming November before moving to Scorpio. Enhancing communication skills is one of the assets. Because of that, Libra will make some significant inroads. The Libra assimilates very rapidly the characteristics of their environment and sizes things up quickly. The flexibility they display in judgment and in human exchanges gives them the reputation of being very sociable and socially adept in any situation. They strive towards balancing opinions and weigh information carefully before dismissing or accepting information as fact or fiction. They become great analyzers of people, however their minds work 24/7. They will achieve a lot on the social level for the next couple of weeks because of Mercury being in their court.


Venus represents love, romantic involvements, the arts as well as the ability to re-inventing ourselves. It rules Taurus and Libra and is also currently pulling highly on Libra for the next month.

With Scorpio falling under Venus’ influence, they will be able to charm and seduce an entourage. They will strive to establish a form of smooth understanding and harmony around themselves. They will be inspired to be more creative. It’s their time for doing, executing or beginning a major art work, paintings, musical compositions, acting or designing. Get creative and do it quickly. Venus will stay in Scorpio till the 16th of November this year.


Mars is the planet that represents the desire for action, physical energy, male sexuality, strength, leadership, as well as self-centeredness in personalities. It rules Aries and Scorpio along with Pluto.

Mars is currently working in the zone with Capricorn. This means the Capricorn individuals will be more dynamic. Their energies are aroused (wink wink) and they have the go ahead to discover new life settings and to broaden their horizons. The Capricorn individual has the soul of an adventurer and that soul will be in full force! Because their nature is to be straightforward and direct, it will be difficult for them to have a poker face when negotiating currently or to follow the tortuous paths of diplomacy. They do not fear danger or repercussions as they feel their scope of action has no limit. As their nature is to feel concerned about all things, they will readily commit themselves in collective struggles or actions. Tread lightly so not to over extend or commit, but when you do so, realize this is the time to act. They feel that it is important to go beyond limitations and to take action to make an impact on society. Mars will stay in Capricorn till the 4th of December this year.


Jupiter represents generosity — which is perfect while going into the holiday season. Jupiter is also represents luxury, foreign travels, securing wisdom and attaining high levels of studies usually around religion and leadership studies. Jupiter falls into the element of fire. It’s influence can be strongly felt by Sagittarius and Pisces.

Jupiter currently is influencing the Leo and will be doing so till July of 2015.  Enjoy/savoir this time.

It will give the horoscope signs especially (Leo, Aries and Sagittarius) a great push or rush to achieve their goals. It will increase the chances of travels around the world for the holidays.  It will give these horoscopes more awareness about the cultures and the society around them. This is a good thing as it opens them up to be more social. Jupiter will also give great chances to complete study especially in philosophy, religious and history fields. Think of enrolling in a course if not currently involved. This holiday season will also give the fire signs an added boost for opportunities to spend a lot of fun time and celebrations with friends and family. Those signs will also fall under the influence and the love of children. Children’s creativity is often remarkable. On a negative side, these horoscopes will become more self-centered and selfish during this year and next year too.


Saturn isn’t a happy/feel good planet. It represents challenges, hard times, bad luck and increasing responsibilities. It makes one feel tired. It can also provide incredible wisdom and high mental courage to deal with all of the challenges. Under Saturn, people discover who their true friends are. Saturn is currently ruling Capricorn and extends its affects on all horoscopes but especially on (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn).

Saturn is in Scorpio’s domain for the next year and six months. It has a major effect on Scorpio females. Their demand for precision as well as their intent to comprehend and understand all things may make them seem a bit tough or harsh even to their closest friends. Because they are fond of precision, they are typically interested in the sciences. Their capacity to understand mysteries will be strengthened so think about ways to take advantage of this mental energy and push. It will be time to learn to control the instincts or it will be detrimental to spontaneity and opportunities for growth. Saturn will stay in Scorpio till September of 2015.

Uranus represents dynamic changes, inventions and discoveries. It influences all things that deal with electricity, electronics and computers. It rules Aquarius and affects all horoscopes too.


Uranus is influencing the Aries individuals. They are increasing their dynamism, charm and charisma but it may give them the effect of seeming self-absorbed in nature as they battle through excessive drive and push. They will have a change in their life status suddenly. Uranus will stay in Aries till the 15th of may 2018. This is influencing Aries for a while. Keep this in mind.


Neptune represents sensitivity, emotions, moods, spirituality and the sixth sense of intuition. It rules Pisces and also affects Cancer and Scorpio. It currently is in Pisces which is it’s own sign. According to the Tradition, it is most potent and at his best. Neptune’s values are magnified at this time and the Pisces sign will possess unlimited empathy and compassion. They will be splendid and full of sensitivity. They will possess the soul of a poet, the heart of a lover and the imagination of Da Vinci. Their dedication is exemplary during this time. Neptune will remain in Pisces till April 2025.


Pluto represents destiny, the after life, the concrete facts and long-term, self-evolving change. It rules Scorpio beside Mars and it affects all horoscopes. Pluto is in Capricorn currently. The Capricorn will increase the signs clear-sightedness and ambition. Their iron-willed determination is imbued with the passion to achieve their professional destiny. They will strive to leave a domineering mark in the area in which they are involved. Pluto will stay in Capricorn until December 23ed of 2023. It moves slowly which is not a bad thing for making long-term plans and goals.

We will talk about the moon in the coming article so check in soon.
Enjoy your Halloween and Day of the Dead.

- Tariq Al saud - Horoscope & Pop Culture Blogger

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