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Chicago Gourmet Event Turned Out to be a Blast for All

Tuesday, October 07, 2014 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Usually, I don’t get out of bed on the weekends but this past Saturday, I decided it was time for me to get up, get out and eat some great food and drink wine until I can’t drink another drop of wine. The weather was nice and hot, giving me enough courage to get up, get out and have some fun- for once.  After showering and getting dressed for the event, I left the premises; anticipating for what’s next ahead. As I arrived onto the scene, I have noticed that there were a lot of reporters waiting in line to receive their media pass just so they can turn in their assignment to their boss in addition to informing the world about the Chicago Gourmet event and what it had to offer.  The vendors were not prepared to pass out the media passes, so I wound up reading a book just to kill time.

After all, I do get bored easily. “It’ll be fifteen minutes when we pass out the media passes, sorry for the inconvenience,” one of the vendors said, smiling. I nodded, re-reading Jackie Collins’ Dangerous Kiss. Fifteen minutes passed and I was line, receiving my bag of goodies such as a champagne glass for wine tasting, a free Chicago Gourmet USB (which I thought was pretty cool because that meant I didn’t have to purchase another USB at a local store), and a few brochures and other goodies that made my heart smile tremendously.

DJ Jay Illa

First, I checked out the Chipotle pavilion where the servers were passing out free bowls of hot, spicy chili that made my mouth water. I tasted the bowl of chili and immediately, I was in heaven! With a small mixture of ranch and Frito chips, I couldn’t stop eating the bowl of chili. Afterwards, I moved from the Chipotle pavilion onto the wine and beer tasting pavilion. I had tasted a cup of Blackberry Lemonade drink and I was hooked! I was so addicted to the drink that I had asked the server to give me two more drinks. Then, there was the seafood pavilion, which I absolutely enjoyed. Their fresh shrimp were simply tasteful. Cold. Fresh. Delicious. Just how I liked it. Afterwards, I visited the Candy Personality, where they informed on what kind of personality I have based on what kind of candy I eat.

I picked the New York Peppermint Patty. “You are sweet, resourceful, have a great sense of style and people respect you,” one of the servers said, giving me a few flyers to look at on my way to devour more delicious candy. 

I smiled and thanked her for telling me my candy personality. Then, off to the BBQ, Barilla Pasta, Bon App├ętit I went, observing various pavilions that I wanted to check out but was too full from the food I had stuffed inside my abdomen and a tad bit too tipsy from the drink I had earlier to check out. In the midst of it all, I had a chance to partake in some really great contests such as a free car and cruise tournaments. I was excited to partake in those contests because I felt that a nice car and an exotic cruise was (and still is) long overdue. Hey, when you have two adorable kids that keeps you up most of the night, you’d want to take a long vacation as well. Two hours have passed, and I was tired, stuffed and drunk.  Giggling from ear to ear, I began dancing to really some cool tunes by Ed Sheeran and others, showing off my crazy dance moves to the attendees at the event.

I had checked out as many pavilions possible and it was time for me to return to a place that is nice and quiet and has heat/air conditioner: home.  While taking a bus back home, I was elated to have had a chance to become a part of something extravagant, something worthwhile. Would I do it again, if given the chance? Most definitely- and then some.

By: Dana Rettig - Out & About/Culture Blogger

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