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CAUTION: Danger Curves Ahead

Sunday, October 12, 2014 Olivia Lemley

Power. Beauty. Respect. Philanthropy. This empowering event supplied top products AND fashion. The show was for all you women! Who shouldn't love their body?? DCA was all about every shape, every size and showed off new hair products from Avlon to get that natural, yet sexy look. Avlon Texture Release was, without a doubt, a crowd pleaser. The energy of these fashion lovers filled the room!

Fighting homelessness one step at a time: The honorable Tamika Price's vibrant personality was introduced along with top styles at DCA's 6th annual fashion show. Her boutique was the talk of the night! An eye-opening childhood of being homeless for months brought up this strong woman to push herself.This driven designer brought the hottest fashions to the table at her very own event. From her own line, to luxury beauty products, and all the way back to mouth watering food by Two Sisters Catering, this event was a success. How could you turn down such an inspiring show for charity?

Standout Style Boutique is the perfect match for all you Chicagoan women out there looking to spice up your wardrobe! Whether you're planning on a hot date with the guy down the street, or a quick strut down the city block, THIS is your destination.

NEW HOTTIE ALERT: The Avlon stylist team back stage brought out a woman who had to regrow her hair due to treatment for a tumor. Although it's a tad early for Transformation Tuesday…excitement blew through the roof for Sandra. She came out to display her amazing makeover! What's life without a little change? Some of the top stylists are to blame for this blinding beauty!

DCA was definitely a show to see! Mark your calendars for next year's event. Come out to see the beautiful curves work the runway.

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