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"Broadcast" is Bright for Brede Baldwin

Thursday, October 02, 2014 Cora

Fifteen year old Brede Baldwin released his EP “Broadcast” August 26th, 2014. The singer songwriter cannot drive, vote, or get into some of Chicago’s prestigious music venues but he has established a budding career. He has a bright and pragmatic mindset not just for his age that will help him in the long run.

Brede Baldwin Baldwin listened to all sorts of music growing up. While he rode in the car with his parents, he heard Pearl Jam with his father and Kelly Clarkson with his mother. When he was nine, he asked if he could take singing lessons. He attended the School of Rock soon after. At twelve he wrote his first song and learned he liked creating. He doesn’t feel limited by his age. He was hand picked by Cubs manager Theo Epstein to be the opening act of a benefit held at the Cabaret Metro. Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin mentored him. He has performed all over and learned some lessons early on. “If you don’t really advertise, people won’t show,” he says. 

He has had shows where he expected many people to show up and only seven did. He has had shows where he expected seven people to show up and seven hundred people attended. Chicago has influenced his success. “This is a place with fantastic connections. I’m so lucky to have this opportunity.” He said. He realizes many artists put effort into their work and career, but if they don’t have the network or connections, their dreams may not come to fruition. The EP was written and worked on all over the place. The song, “Lights,” was recorded in Virginia a year and a half ago. The mixing was done in different locations including New York, Virginia, and all the way to Australia. “It was always on someone’s computer somewhere,” jokes Baldwin.

The four song EP, "Broadcast", is a treat. You can hear the sweet influence of Muse in the song "Collide" and the strong currents of Pearl Jam through out. You can tell he's someone who grew up studying Eddie Vedder's writing and singing. Baldwin's voice has strength and conviction laced with vulnerability and truth. Baldwin says he’ll be happy as long as he can get out music. There are several videos out including his cover of Alex Care’s “Two Close” and live takes. He looks forward to a full length album in the future. “I have twenty-five songs under my belt,” he shares. The dream is to travel the world playing and writing music but he recognizes he needs to focus on the here and now. He has time. With all his accomplishments, he’s still a kid. For more information, go to

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