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Women & Weightlifting: Strong is the New Skinny

Monday, September 01, 2014 Brittany Lohmann

The weight room is no longer just for men. Instead, more and more women are finding their way into the weight room and discovering amazing results. The perception of the female lifting weight is beginning to change as more and more women are learning that weight training 2-3 times per week can improve their outward appearance and their overall health – all without turning into a bodybuilder.  If you are still skeptical as to why you should ditch the hour long cardio session for a barbell, here are a few reasons that might convince you.

Get trim and toned. If you are looking for shapely legs, a flat stomach, toned arms, and a killer butt, look no further than the dumbbells in front of you.  Lifting weights on a regular basis will help burn more calories and fat than cardio alone. It will also create the definition and toned look that so many women desire.  Adding regular weight training, 2-3 times per week, will help your body burn calories more efficiently and, as result, help manage your weight.

Improve on the inside – not just on the outside. Aside from becoming more toned, there are benefits to weightlifting that go beyond one’s outward appearance. Lifting weights on a regular basis (i.e. 2-3 times per week) has proven to increase one’s bone density, improve one’s coordination and balance,  heighten focus during every day activities and help stave off chronic diseases, such as arthritis, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Give your mental health a boost. In addition to an improved outwardly and inwardly appearance, lifting weights is good for one’s mental health too.  Much like other types of exercise, weight training can help one sleep better through the night, improve one’s self-confidence, and relieve stress.

Weight training is a great way to strengthen and tone your body as well as improve your overall health. If you choose to begin a strength program, be sure to consult your doctor and then find a coach/trainer that can properly teach movements in a progressive manner as well as modify and adapt the program to your specific ability level.  Once you have learned the movements, be ready to reap the benefits and discover why strong is the new skinny.

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