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Stuff to do - Weekend part 2 - Water Street Studios ŏn-sŏm' bəl 2014

Friday, September 26, 2014 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

If you're thinking the suburbs are seriously lacking in the culture dept. then you are sadly mistaken! Although Chicago is known for the arts scene, many of the suburban areas right outside of the city have established amazing communities for local artists. One area in particular that has seen tremendous growth in its culture and arts sector is Batavia, IL. A beautiful town in the western burbs, just 40 minutes or so outside of Chicago. The Water Street Studios has created an environment for growth and development for artists in the area. The Batavia Artists Association at Water Street Studios was founded to advance art education and appreciation by developing the promotion of fine arts in Batavia and neighboring communities.

If you are looking for some art, culture and fashion in the burbs this weekend, then make sure to check out ŏn-sŏm' bəl: A Bold Event To Support The Arts - this Saturday September 27, 2014.

Featured Artists: Steve Banks, Kari Kraus, Valerie William, Lisa Limas, Eli Borrowman, Jenna Walsh & Victoria Belz, Danielle Dobies, Angela Zeedyk, Dawn Tutt, Jen Evans, Patricia Davoust, Katherine Kratzer & Claudia Canon, Lisa Dienst-Thomas

Fine Art Show Curated By: Rita Grendze, Sculptor

Fashion Show Curated By: Curator, Andrea Reynders, Professor Emeritus and former Sage Endowed Chair in Fashion Design, SAIC

Purchase your tickets to the event here.

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