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Rising with the Sun

Tuesday, September 16, 2014 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

I am not usually the type of person to try and coerce someone into doing something, but this time dear readers, I am going to make an exception. Last week I once again found myself restless. Pacing a track in my carpet, I decided at 3am to take off with my gear with one determination, to catch that sunrise.

I had done this once before, except in 22 degree weather behind the Adler Planetarium, buried in 2 feet of snow sitting with my tripod. I do recall that the odd thing was during the entire time I was taking photos, I felt not the least bit of chill. It was such and infiltration of emotions that I felt nothing but sheer inner-warmth. I have spoken about the experience many times since then but speaking is so much easier than writing (for me at least). I thought to myself… “How does one convey such intense beauty with words?”I quickly found out that you simply cannot. You must go and experience itfor yourself.

Last week was the first time I had done this during the summer. And what was truly magnificent to me was not only observing the break of day, that moment when the sun just starts to peek its unrestricted rays out from the clouds, but the fact that just as the sun rose, the city rose with it. There were two simultaneously amazing things happening at once. Some early morning joggers would sit and have a chat with me. I quietly wondered to myself if they realized how lucky they were to be able to witness this every single day. People were so kind. I saw a pleasantness I had not seen in a very long time.

Our journey on this rock is so very short in comparison to eternity. I will never take another second of my day, my life, for granted. This experience spun me around like an amusement park ride. It instilled a permanent awakening inside of me.

Again, my life is forever changed. Go and watch the day unfold. I promise you, it is worth every single second.

Peace and Love to you all <3
Aimee Elizabeth of Visual Stimulus

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