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Pop Star Taylor Dayne Redeems Star Status with New Single and Motherhood

Tuesday, September 09, 2014 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Singer and songwriter, Taylor Dayne may have been M.I.A. for a while now yet her tenacious spirit proves to the world that she still has what it takes to reach higher heights in her singing career. And her new single, Dreaming, is putting Taylor Dayne right back where she belongs: to the top of the charts. “I wrote the song three years ago,” she explained. “It was officially released a few days ago, so I am pretty excited about that.”

Although Taylor Dayne has received worldwide fame during the years as singer and songwriter, just like any other celebrity; she has decided to take a break from the spotlight and focus on life’s little treasures: friends and family. “Right now, I live in Los Angeles. It is known as the entertainment capital, so my life is pretty balanced, thus far. It is conducive to what I need to do as a mother and entertainer.” She resumed. “I have great friends who are very loving and supportive towards me and what I do.”

To the world, Taylor Dayne is known as one of the most talented singers in the music diversion, but she is more than what others perceive her to be, especially when she is not entertaining millions of fans. “Yes, I am a singer and songwriter, but I have other talents that not too many people know about. When I am not on the road, I like to study different people and things. I can’t really explain why; it’s just something that interests me and I like to cook, too. Also, I am interested in learning more about television production.”

Taylor Dayne may have been a fan of pop music since childhood, but other musical genres makes her dance and snap her fingers as well, such as rap and rhythm-and-blues music. “If given the chance, I would like to work with [Dr. Dre], Justin Timberlake and [Charlie Wilson]. Those guys are very talented in the singing and songwriting area,” she concluded, leaving the interview to a close as she gets ready to do what she does best: give one heck of a performance.

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