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Mikey Wax - The Man To Watch (and hear)

Friday, September 26, 2014 Perry

Sometimes the most talented people have the most humble beginnings.  Singer and songwriter, Mikey Wax started his music career by performing small house shows for friends and family.  Now, Wax's career has taken off with the release of his label debut album, featuring his single, "You Lift Me Up".  We chatted with him about this exciting time in his career, his latest show at SPACE, and pizza.  

photo courtesy of 4x4 Artist Management

Halfstack Magazine:  So, Mikey, tell us a little about yourself!

Mikey Wax:  I'm a singer/songwriter from Long Island, NY, currently on tour supporting my new self-titled album. I have a deep love for my fans, friends, family and guacamole.

HS:  Your label debut album was recently released, can you tell us about that?

MW:   I recorded the album in Nashville with two incredible producers/brothers Ed and Scott cash. It's my 3rd full length album, and as you mentioned my first release on a label, Toucan Cove/Universal.

HS:  Your single "You Lift Me Up" has been gaining quite a bit of attention!  What was your inspiration behind the song?

MW:  Thanks! The real inspiration for You Lift Me Up was my fans, friends and family who have literally lifted me up as I've tried to grow my music career over the past 4 years. Without their support I probably wouldn't have been able to record a new record, so I'm grateful for all that they've done for me.

HS:  You also have an exciting debut of a few of your songs on TV and in film, right?

MW:  Yeah, I've been lucky the past few years to receive some cool TV and film placements for my songs. It's always such an honor when I'm able to provide music for a specific scene or segment. The So You Think You Can Dance placement was very cool because they aired it weekly as their elimination montage song. I don't think the dancers being kicked off the show liked hearing it though. 

HS: You recently played a show at SPACE in Evanston.  How did that performance go?

MW:  The show was a blast! The Space is a beautiful venue and it was a packed house. The audience was very fun and responsive which always makes it more enjoyable to perform, plus the technical sound at the space is great so that helps us to get lost in the performance.

HS:  What is your favorite part about creating music?

MW:  I think my favorite part is the ability to have freedom and be in complete control of putting out what I hear in my head. There is no greater feeling then bringing to life something you hold in your imagination.

HS:  Now, time for the serious question.  Deep dish or flat bread pizza?

MW:  In Chicago we had to try the deep dish and it was incredible! However, for the most part I'll opt for flat bread!

HS:  What is your favorite, guilty pleasure TV Show/Movie?

MW:  New Girl for TV and Just Friends for movie.

HS:  What's next for Mikey Wax

MW:  I'll be on tour with the band Parachute later this month which I'm excited about. Followed by that, I'll be doing some private house concerts, which is how I got my start. Basically, my fans are able to book me to come perform a set in their living room just for their friends and family. You can find out more at my website,

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