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Jin: Taking Hip-Hop and Technology by Storm with New Maturi App Project

Thursday, September 18, 2014 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Written by: Dana Rettig as featured in Halfstack's Fall Issue. Read the entire issue today HERE.

Japanese native, Jin, is not your average producer and musician. He is a game changer who believes in the essence of evolution that is sure help others become more advanced in their everyday life.  After taking the music world by storm, Jin decided to establish something that will change the world of technology forever: create his own app device for the aspiring artists to help display their talent.

Jin’s latest device, MaTuRi, allows the world to come together and enjoy their favorite artists among other things.  Although Jin is interested in producing and writing lyrics, Jin is more interested in taking Maturi to another level by promoting the app worldwide.  “We are producing many artists such as my own band, High Speed Boyz, but right now, I am more interested in taking the technology world to a higher level and to use MaTuRi to demonstrate a better and more exciting app.”
Less than a month after the app launch, Jin has received excellent response from some the hottest artists in the industry.  In the interview, Jin stated his elation towards his newest project. “I am very happy to hear that many websites picked up Maturi and that lots of artists are interested in creating their own MaTuri apps,” Jin said. “The unprecedented nature of this app system, we believe, will attract many more.”

With Jin’s newest project on display in Japan, he is optimistic that his work of art will take technology to another level of today’s world of ever-changing technology trends. “I am hoping that MaTuRi will be one of the answers and that many artists understand its capability,” he explained. “It’s a demo stage in Japan. The Japanese version should be available in the beginning of 2015.”

Now that everything is in order, what is next move to getting people to take notice of his newest project? “My hope is for every artist to create their own free app through MaTuRi and that those apps would become the bridge between artists and music listeners. The ultimate goal, of course, is to fuse the power of humans and technology, always with a thought of the future in mind. With that in mind, MaTuRi has more than 10 patent technologies,” he explained. He added: “Not to mention, I am very interested in how to improve the connected speed of iCloud,” Jin concluded.

For more information about Jin’s newest app and latest musical project, you can reach Jin on Twitter at Jin_X. Or go to

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