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Gia Ventola: Whispered Beauty- NYFW Highlight

Monday, September 22, 2014 Jenny

Halfstack's NYC based writers: Meaghan Elder & Cindy Arroyo

 bring to you a highlight from New York Fashion Week.

Up and coming designer Gia Ventola showcased her first collection for SS15 this New York Fashion Week. With a flawless mix between hand-crafted jewelry and the luxurious clothing collection, Gia makes a statement. Gia Ventola got her start after attending Parson’s The New School of Design in the late 90’s. Although worldwide success was not immediate for Gia, for years she worked alongside many celebrities such as Britney Spears, Oprah, Cher, and Destiny’s Child. After appearing in magazines, news articles, fashion websites and radio and television shows Gia decided it was time to give it another go. So ,18 months and a lot of hard work later it was time to debut the collection.

When you first walk into the showroom on Spring Street, you’re greeted by the utter elegance of the collection. Gia Ventola, former Olympic trained field hockey athlete, introduces the collection with pride and honor. With a pleasant balance between night and day looks, natural fibers, and black and white shades, the collection has many interchangeable features. Whether it be the unique jewelry, detachable silk collars, or even the garment being reversible, the diversity does not go unnoticed.
“It’s all about individuality,” Gia mentions while admiring her accomplishments that fill the room.

All Images Courtesy of Gia Ventola

Her signature (an O with a slash through it) has been made a statement throughout the collection. Not only in the jewelry but within the clothing as well. Each zipper pull has its own small O dangling from the slider. Even the closures on her blouses and dresses incorporate the O designs. With inspiration from her athletic background, Gia also designed unique, shoelace-like accents on each garment.

Not only does each piece have its own personality, but the versatility is endless. Most garments, as previously mentioned, are reversible (yes reversible!) and can even be worn, so-called, backwards. . Tops can be worn with or without the collar, inside out or even backwards. With a color story of blacks and whites, many of her pieces can be instant classics. What modern day woman doesn’t want a closet full of items that can so easily be mixed up and changed around?

Whether you have a formal cocktail party or are just headed into the office for work, this collection holds everything you need for a day-to-day basis. With mixes of silks, chiffons, satins and charmeuse fabrics, this collection radiates elegance. Double-sided, hand pleated silk accenting garments, and hand fraying amongst the collection really accentuates that the beauty is in the details. Gia, having 20 years of experience in the industry, knew exactly what she wanted from this collection; timelessness. As she explained how she wanted each garment to be something her customer would keep in her closet forever, never going out of date or style, you could look around and fully understand and relate.

Having worked with Destiny’s Child, Britney Spears, Nicole Kidman, Pink, and many others, her years of experience have paid off.  Gia gave us some insight on what it took to bring this collection to life, explaining that all the prints were hand drawn by her and the jewelry pieces were hand made. Little things such as that is really what makes you appreciate fashion and why we are crazy enough to pay the prices we do. We are paying for quality, such as the finest fabrics that Gia used, we are paying for one of a kind pieces and we are paying for appreciation.

For this collection, Gia really wanted to do something that was perfect for her. Something she truly understood and appreciated herself.

Customers in the past have repeatedly told her they were only interested in her designs, so she really strives for something that is 100% her own. Finally being able to show her collection for fashion week, was a dream come true for Gia. And one much earned. Whispered Beauty explains who I AM. Each customer, each consumer, each lover of fashion can experience who they are through her outstanding designs.  “I AM who I am meant to be.” Gia Ventola has climbed to the top. Without hesitation, she has made her mark. Watch out, because we have a fierce, and empowering new designer on the market.

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