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A Q&A with M&M of Effortless Extensions

Thursday, September 18, 2014 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Most women dream about having long flow hair but can never achieve the long locks of their dreams. Whether their hair grows extremely slow or they have too much damage due to color processing and blow drying, sometimes growing out long hair can be really hard.  Yet, lucky for us ladies now a days there are a lot of options.

Whether you want to try to grow out your hair yourself and take vitamins and do conditioning treatments or some may prefer the quick and easy way by getting extensions. When it comes to extensions there are many different kinds out there to chose from. You can get extensions glued, sewn or clipped in. Sometimes those can all be a lot of maintenance or even damage your hair.  That is why Michelle Elizabeth created Effortless Extensions. These are extensions where all you have to do is slip on the extension. That is correct slip on, something totally easy and they come in a ton of different colors, styles and textures so that every women out there could wear them.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Michelle and finding out all about Effortless Extension and starting up a new business.

1. Please explain what Effortless Extensions are? Effortless Extensions are the Ultimate Fashion Accessory!  EE is 100% Non-Damaging, go in and out in seconds and do not connect to the wearers hair At All!  

2. What made you want to start up Effortless Extension? I had damaged my hair after years of Processing, then, after getting a short haircut, I needed something easy and comfortable to use.  When I couldn't find what I wanted I made my own, the Effortless Extension.

3. What obstacles did you have to overcome when starting up your business? For us it was so many different processes, beginning with filing for patents. We had to learn as you go, I spent hundreds of hours researching, and after 10 years I still spend many hours every day continuing to learn.  Knowledge is a powerful tool, so is good social media and networking, a free source such as LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, etc.

4. What advice can you provide to someone who has an idea or wants to start up their own business?  Make sure you research your consumer base, know your competition, does your product or idea fill a need or do a better job than what is on the market. More doors will Not open than will, be tenacious you can't make someone believe in your idea/product, if you don't!

5. What do you think makes Effortless Extensions stand out from other extensions out there in the industry?  We are the ONLY Patented hair extensions with this unique design!  We have been granted more than 30 Worldwide Patents and we pride ourselves with the Best customer service, Highest Quality materials and construction.

- Written by: Danielle Pulak - Beauty Editor

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