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Weekend Fun: The Boulevard Festival in Logan Square

Friday, August 22, 2014 Rob Samuelson

Right on time for kids going back to school, real summer weather has finally arrived, and with it the Boulevard Festival in Logan Square this weekend.  

Food and music, including a show from members of the now defunct experimental rock band, Ween, form the backbone of the festival.  Saturday, those former Ween members, the Dean Ween Group -- easy to remember -- will take the stage.  

Otherwise, expect some world music, with a pinch of mariachi thrown in for danceability.

Sunday, take a stroll through the regular Logan Square Farmers' Market, which takes up the early hours of the West stage, to pick up some locally grown produce and, fingers crossed, jars of apple jam.  Your toast will never be the same again.

I'll be at the festival for a report, so expect specifics from Halfstack's sweaty man on the ground next week.

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