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Trillium Petit Faire - Celebrating Local Creatives

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

If there is one thing I love most about Chicago, it is the strong sense of community.  Like-minded creatives, small businesses, hard workers coming together; It’s the Chicago way! 

Trillium, a clothing boutique located at 1744 W. Division St., is embracing this movement with their perennial pop-up shop, Petit Faire.  Each event showcases a selection of local artists and businesses under one roof.  Not to mention, an amazing selection of clothing and accessories to shop!

I was excited to attend my first Petit Faire (the third one to date) this past Saturday, August 9th. My first stop, the Takito Kitchen drink cart for a cucumber margarita. Yes, it tasted just as good as it sounds!  Then I ventured inside to check out jewelry by Cities In Dust and Mineralogy, skin care by Dirt (they make a mean sugar scrub) and Real. Soap, flirty home goods by Up In The Air Somewhere, and tasty treats by Jam. 

To find out more about Petit Faire I spoke with Erica Cook of Trillium.

Halfstack: How did the idea of Petit Fair come to life?

Erica: Petit Faire was a collaboration between myself, Theresa of Mineralogy and Katie of Moira K. Lime Jewelry.  We felt that there was a need to promote and connect local shopping, curators and artists/makers.  There have been so many big box retailers and chain stores moving into the destination shopping areas of Chicago, and so we wanted to celebrate the local people and businesses that make Chicago unique.

HM:  How do you decide which retailers to partner with for each event?

EC: Our goal is to bring something new to each Petit Faire.  Theresa, Katie and myself have an open discussion on what vendors we think would make a great mix for each event, and then it’s all about emailing and calling to see who’s interested and available.  Each event has 5-7 vendors, and cocktails!

HM:  Do you have plans for another Petit Faire soon?

EC: We do!  Our next Petit Faire will be Saturday, September 20th.  We plan to have one a month for the remainder of the year.

Looking to join the festivities?  While Trillium is in the process of revamping their website,, you can find upcoming Petit Faire information by following @petit_faire on Instagram! 

Perry Fish
Events, Entertainment & Music Blogger

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